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  • How did you do on your test? Let's find out. Notch, how did this


    You did good! You're almost there! Keep at it, go back, kill some creepers, and take the test again another time! if you ever find me in the game, (I play on let me know you took this quiz. My username is Countrymusic52

    JP yea I'm pretty good I have cool ideas for putting into some of the maps but no way of contacting someone to get some of my ideas to someone to create/craft it into the maps but if you are interested here is my sellpone number

    JP :071 334 6816.

    Pleas just give me a chance and you won't be disappointed!

  • Hi me again I'll post some photos on facebook of my creations facebook name Jan-paul stoltz karate student! It will be posted on 7th of december earliest to december 21st the latest but pleas check it out first before you decide

  • Haha yeah Minecraft

  • wtf if you put a pumkin an egg and a peice of sugar in the crafting box you get pumkin pie and you could use them for decoration

  • notch are you gonna get rid of smp?


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