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  • I got 3 and thought of 3! How do you do that?! I love you!

    Natalya Apr 2 '16, 3:06PM
  • Hahahaha.

    BStreet Jan 19 '15, 3:37AM
  • its a f***ing quiz .... its full of BullS**t

    cool ninja Apr 7 '13, 1:40PM
  • its a f***ing quiz ....

    cool ninja Apr 7 '13, 1:39PM
  • Well i must be a loser then!

    vampyre666 Dec 10 '10, 8:06PM
  • Dumbass

    I like music Oct 27 '09, 7:30AM
  • Dumbass

    I like music Oct 27 '09, 7:30AM
  • LOL i get it! your funny hahahaha

    Bluberryblast Jul 4 '09, 12:17PM
  • This quiz is so dumb. Scott quit thinging your all cool and smart your dumb just like your quiz so shut up and don't make anymore quiz.YOu suck B****!!!!!!

    coolgirl Jul 1 '09, 9:22AM
  • That sucked. Anyone can stick a whole load of questions in here and have only the number one count. You need to stop thinking everyone else in the world in dumb.

    GPherd Jun 6 '09, 12:11PM
  • i dont get it....

    you give us a number, (which 99.9% of us werent thinking of anywayz) and tell us how awesome you are for making a retarded quiz.... kinda gay...

    oh yeah, i got #1

    nickolai88 May 27 '09, 11:53AM
  • this quiz was f---ing stupid and you are conceded and need to go out and get a life.

    sdog May 21 '09, 11:57AM
  • I agree this quiz is the dumbest and should not even be on this website whoever made this quiz is a dumbass b---- and yes I said it!

    badest97 May 12 '09, 9:29PM
  • it was 5 not 1

    Sk8terChIck Apr 20 '09, 8:10PM
  • ya your so stupid not hunny i have a life ya so wat ever!!LYNETTE!!

    lynette Apr 17 '09, 10:37AM
  • lol u mustve been really bored when you made this quiz


    KamiV Apr 15 '09, 10:39PM
  • This was by FAR the stupidest quiz EVER TAKEN!!!!!!! Hey if yall want to take a good quiz, take the Are you a clumsy person? It is TOTALLy right. THIS IS THE WORST TEST in the world. And why do you say and iam the coolest person, just to make yourself feel better or Somethin? Well we dont like that on this website! Om my gosh,.... this was horrible.

    Todd Apr 13 '09, 10:29PM
  • lol im #3!!!

    TomDaNinja Apr 12 '09, 4:00PM
  • jeeze, people are getting quite angry over this little quiz.....

    it was cute && funny
    10 **********

    Kitty_t_ Apr 8 '09, 11:55PM
  • This is so funny, stupid, but funny.

    AwesomeShemarLuvr Apr 7 '09, 9:51PM
  • this is stupid.

    yahchels2 Apr 5 '09, 1:13AM
  • I agree you seem self sentered so go get a life

    dance is love Apr 4 '09, 5:00PM

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