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  • You touched my popcorn?!? :O I will steal your Drumstick ice cream... darn it, I just gave away the element of surprise >.> anywho, Blaise and the crew are already shaking things up at the school, I would've said blazing up the school, but that is a horrible pun on my part XP Lots of field trips and parties to look forward to in the near future I hopeee

  • Okay let's see oh yes, I need more! This was just tooooooo short. Although mine was as well so I shouldn't be talking. Also Yay!!!! You put me in your series also as Adam's sister this should be interesting, very very interesting. Anywho make the next part soon. :D

  • Love it! :D and thanks for adding me. ^-^ I got to the part with me on my birthday! :D cools

  • Can't wait for the next part! :)


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