The Mer Prophecy (Part 2)

@ angelic4: NO I HAVE MORE MADE SKILLS THAN YOU!! *dances pop* ya see! @xxblutixx: Hey! Not my fault you have too many kisses in your name! don't look at me! XD

@singin234 you were soo offtopic girlie! BUT THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET! You all are so sweet. @ angelic4: NO I HAVE MORE MADE SKILLS THAN YOU!! *dances pop*

Created by: PuffBall

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  1. @ angelic4: NO I HAVE MORE MADE SKILLS THAN YOU!! *dances pop* ya see! @xxblutixx: Hey! Not my fault you have too many kisses in your name! don't look at me! XD @singin234 you were soo offtopic girlie! BUT THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET!
  2. Guess where it was? Please, take a minute and guess. You will never believe it. But I'll wait, guess...But don't look at the next sentence; that will just spoil everything. I was shocked as well; it's in the Alps. A beautiful place, I know, but I never would have guessed. Would you? I don't know it depends; it's either your very random or very intelligent. It's not in the snow; thankfully! Its a little grass area with a lake in front of it and the view IS the Alps. It was partly cloudy, and with the sun and the wind; I say it's pretty cool to me, fresh even. I was going to approach the mansion/headquarters/where they live/ oh you know where I mean, when Adam's hand squeezed my shoulder. I searched his eyes, trying to see what was wrong, but then I heard something. Oh of course we all were using our super senses, what do you think we were doing standing at least 300 feet away? It wasn't a voice nor it was a whisper, it was a lock turning. I froze not making any noise except my breathing and heart beat. I stared at the door entrance and all of the sudden Areo, Brooke, and Dawn came out bursting with laughter. Areo gasped, "Ok, so we go to Sydney for about thirty minutes, then an hour at Hawaii, and maybe another hour for our friend in Dallas?" The others nodded, and then poof; gone like they never lived. Blake started for the house, but I knew better. "Stop, Blake, NOW!" I stopped him just in time. Oh my goodness, does this boy want to give me a heart-attack? I carefully jogged up to him, and threw a rock that I picked up along the way. When the rock was done rolling, suddenly the whole landscape turned into h----. Ice was in a form of spears all over it, even strong winds and light that can cause permanent blindness. "Well, that was awfully close; if you hadn't stopped me then I would have been screwed." Blake stepped back, not wanting to be more dazed as he already is. "Ugh! How are we supposed to get through this BEFORE they come back?" Adam asked. These guys are getting in my nerves now. "Am I the ONLY one who isn't dumb? We all have EQUEL power. We can just hold hands to connect part of our powers and walk through it like nothing happened, fine?" I explained, offering my hands. They sighed and both took my hands as we went through it. As I said, NOTHING happened. The wind didn't get me off balanced or flew me away. The ice didn't puncture my flesh nor did the light blind me. As we stood in front of the door, I unlocked it and flew it open. Not touching it; don't want to make them realize we were here don't I? I walked in slowly, observing every little detail as possible. I made my way into the living room and looked around. "Here, this is the perfect place to put it," I heard Blake say. I whirled around to see him pointing to a corner at the back of the room. "I could create a shadow so they wouldn't notice it there nor think about it once," Blake offered. I nodded my head, "Sure,"
  3. After we put the everlasting camera inside the wall, we quickly teleported out of there. I sighed as we found ourselves at the home I REALLY known. I slowly fell onto my plush bed, I still felt dazed from how much power we had used last night and even today. *Dream* It was about the time I came back from the forest, from the sadness. I took a deep breath and opened the door as slowly as possible; not wanting to disturb anyone. Blake came back to help Adam explain; and I didn't want to feel helpless. Another reason was because I heard angry shouting and yelling. I took in a breath and stepped inside. Everyone suddenly went quiet. I kept looking down at the floor, not wanting to make eye contact. I breathed in and out before I said; "What's all the shouting?" It took all my strength to pull my eyes off the floor and onto the faces I know. Everyone was furious, my heart fell. "Why am I so mad? I'll tell you why! Adam here pledged to DISTROY the human race!" Areo yelled, glaring at Adam. I was dumbfounded. "Plus you needed to run off because of just little stupid things." I heard Dawn mutter. I felt the heat rise up inside me. "WHAT DID YOU SAY; LITTLE STUPID THINGS?" Blake yelled. I could see the anger in him too. Then Brooke piped up, "Well they ARE little things and to DISTROY the human race! I think that's a little too much don't you think?" I looked down on my hands, they were trembling with fire. I soon spaced out in thought. I could feel new fresh tears running down my face. How could they do that? How could they! If that's what they think, then they'll get it! "OK! SO THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO! I SWEAR ON MY LIFE THAT I WILL DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE AND CREATE A BETTER AND FRESH NEW ONE! I'M GOING TO KILL EVERY ONE OF YOU IF THAT'S THE LAST THING I DO. I HATE YOU. I HATE ALL OF YOU." Everything around me was on fire. And when I mean "˜on fire' I actually meant it literally ON FIRE. I sneaked a peak of myself in the mirror. My eyes were burning orange and I was glowing fire with life. I glared at them and stomped away. Not that long after that day Blake and Adam joined me. We were the best friends ever since. I loved them both, for understanding me.
  4. I sat down on a chair and stared at the screen with Adam and Blake. There was nothing till I heard a noise; someone was coming. Soon, Areo sat down in his living room and started watching TV. I raised my eyebrow and looked at Blake, but he just shrugged. When I looked back was when Dawn suddenly came up behind him and ...Just....Kissed him. Wait a second. Oh! I could see the REAL Dawn standing off in a distance with Brooke cracking up. I laughed. Dawn was using her "˜trick of the light' power for illusion. "Classic!" Adam laughed. "GET A ROOM!" Dawn yelled, and Brooke nodded in agreement. Just as quickly, Areo stopped making out with "˜Dawn' and looked up stupidly. Nice.
  5. I walked out to the beach after that. It's been weeks since I've been here. I walked beside the shore and started picking up shells that have been washed away and ended up here. I could have gone out in deeper in the sea, but I think I'll stick with land. After a long time; I sat down on the warm sand and just starred at the pile of seashells, and there were a lot. Not a moment too soon I thought about an idea and started melting the seashells in mid air; to not melt with the sand. In a while, I shaped it into a ball. When it finished cooling off with the wind that was blowing from the east; I grabbed it so I could observe it. Hmmmm. It was lightweight, pearl shiny and color, and fit for decoration! PLUS: it was beautiful! I carried it as I ran to the house. I was about to yell for the guys when I heard arguing. I slowed my pace and walked as silently as I can. I pressed my ear against the door and I could just barely make out what they were both saying; "Blake! YOU love her! Not me! That is exactly what I was telling you; you love her. And you should TELL her. All I'm asked is for you to just say three simple words to her!" I gaped as he said this. "It's not EASY! Dude, hear my words! I WILL TELL HER WHEN I'M READY!" I heard a sigh. "NO! You are ready the only problem is; your SCARED!" I couldn't just listen to this all day! I opened the door and yelled, "Guy! Look at what I found! Well, I made it out of seashells!" I smiled and showed it to them. They looked at me with suspicion, "Blaise, did you just hear what we said?" I put on my best acting skills on, and I shrugged. "I was just running towards here so I could show you what I just created. Now I'm talking to you, why? What were you talking about?" I asked, passing them upstairs. "Nothing," I heard Adam mumble.
  6. I stared at the ceiling. He loves me. Oh I already knew that, but I knew what they MEANT. The thing is; I love him too. I knew I loved him when I started to notice the symptoms, except for nervousness because I am already myself when around him. The problem is that how am I going to tell him that I heard over his conversation? Another thing is the same problem he also has: it's hard to tell someone you love them. *Dream* When I found out who I really am. Was this memory, oh yes, I remember. I walked up the stairs and into the attic I go. I looked around and found boxes all over the place, and I still didn't know why I went up here. I just felt a pull, something calling. After a long time looking around; a notebook stood out from the rest of the room. It was quiet and I could hear my own breathing. I observed it; it looked worn out, brown, a regular notebook I must say. My curiosity took over me; I opened it. I read the first words: "˜Your one of the six Mer's.' As I read on I learned so much, and after that day I knew I needed to start practicing. I was only seven at the time, but as soon as I turned 13, I knew I was waiting too long, so I went to look for the others. It was painful by the way. You know, to leave your parents that raised you and cared for you in a young age. I was 13, yes it was young, but I was wiser than anyone around me. I left a note to my parents, it said: "˜When you're reading this, I'm already gone. Don't try searching for me. Why am I leaving? It's my destiny. I'm too young, I know, but I died too many times. Any more deaths then the hunters might find out about the power stone. I'm saying too much! The faith in this universe is in mine and the others hands. I will come back when I kill them off. If I do before, then you might die. Burn this when you're done reading. DON'T SHOW IT TO ANYONE ELSE JUST BURN IT AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. Don't worry. I love you, Blaise.' It was emotional, but I knew.
  7. I tried to look closely on what Brooke what writing. I quickly clicked something, making the camera zoom. "˜It's official; Dawn and Areo are in love! I found out that I LOVE mango flavored ice cream! I wonder how Blaise is doing...' my heart dropped when she wrote that, "˜I saw her today, it was heart breaking when she left. I just wished she knew we were...' I felt relief, like I've been longing for this day to come; and I was. "˜Sorry.' Was what she had said. I felt tears running down my eyes. The thing is I wanted them to say sorry, because if they didn't, then I would have really destroyed mankind. I never wanted to kill them; I know not all of them are blind. I was just unlucky for being in a school of morons. I put my hand on the computer and closed it. They WERE sorry. I thought they didn't. But now, today, I forgave them. I teleported out of there and to the house I went.
  8. When I got back I quickly went upstairs to get the guys. "Blake! Adam!" I called for them. As soon as I turned a corner, I bumped into a muscular body. I looked up to see Blake's amazing eyes. "Oh...You were calling?" he asked, we both stared each other for a long time... I couldn't take it any longer. "Oh what the he((!" I said and pulled him into me. As our lips met I felt him tense up but then relax. Everything around me didn't matter but HIM. As we broke free I went back to reality. "I love you but right now is not the time to talk about my actions," He was confused. I smiled. "I forgave, and now we have o find Adam!" I quickly took his hand and dragged him to Adam's room. I opened the door as fast as I can and quickly looked away from Adam's naked body. "Ugh! Gross man! My eyes! They burn!" Blake exclaimed, covering his eyes. I quickly went into his closet and took out every clothes he needed for downstairs. I mean, really, I didn't care if someone was naked in front of me, other than my parents because that would be awkward and disgusting. It's just a naked body! No biggy! Adam quickly gotten into his clothes and started blushing bright red. I grabbed both of their hands and drove them out of there, not wanting to hold up everyone. "What is the big dea-oh." Blake said, walking into the living room. Brooke, Dawn, and Areo smiled at us.
  9. When Brooke was about to speak I felt a strange pinch inside my brain. "Oh no..." I said. I looked at Adam in worry; he was confused, when he suddenly understood. "The hunters are here aren't they?" I nodded my head, yes.

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