The Medicine cats Love Part 4

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Created by: Grapejuice
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  1. Two days have passed since Flamebrush has asked you to consider being his mate. now Nightstar has asked you too. As if you would pick him after what he did. You wanted to choose Blueriver but was just not sure which one did you want?
  2. Suddenly you see Blueriver with another cat. its Willowleaf! she rubs her nose against his cheek. Blueriver see's you looking he pads over and says "Hey Kindheart i uh well that is Willowleaf agreed to be my mate. i hope you don't mind its just it was taking you to long. besides i see the way you look at Flamebrush you to where meant for each other and i won't get in your way. i hope we can still be friends?" you nod stunned but you feel a little happy feeling creep up your spine. you have finally made your decision your mate will be
  3. Ypu run over to Flamebrush to tell him the good news. when you meet him you speak to him excitedly "Flamebrush... I have always loved you and always will! will you be my mate?" Flamebrush's eyes light up with happiness purring he twines his tail with yours and says Of course I will!" but what you didn't know was that Nightstar was listening and he was furious!! He marched in and said. "Flamebrush, Kindheart I need to see you too right.Now.In.My.Den" you followed him sticking by Flamebrush. you knew Nightstar had wanted to be your mate. and you where scared of the consequences. when you got in the den he said "I overheard your request to be mates. and I don't approve I am afraid that while your in my clan you WHILE NOT HAVE KITS WITH THIS SORRY EXCUSE OF A CAT!" You hiss at him and say "I can have kits with whoever i want in shadowclan!" Nightstar's eyes turn to slits and he meows to Flamebrush "Fine if she must have you as her shadowclan mate I banish you Flamebrush from this clan and i want to never again see you here." you gasp and look at Flamebrush you run out of the den with him. and whisper to him
  4. Now matter what you picked Nightstar banished Flamebrush but. you went with him. he was your mate after all! the two of you traveled far and wide until finally you came by a valley it had tree's and a grassland you found a small clearing to rest in when you settled down in and felt a squirming in your belly
  5. If you guessed kits you where right. You where a medicine cat you knew how to tell when a queen was expecting kits. you took a deep breath and went over to Flamebrush you mewed "what would you say if i told i was going to have kits?" he looked at you and answered "i would say that that would be wonderful they would be the best kits and.. Wait. YOUR HAVING KITS!?" you nod your head and he rushes forward "This is fantastic! i'm going to be a dad! their going to be the best kits ever and. wait we have to find you a good place to sleep come i think i found a good spot." you follow him and he leads you into a circle of tree's their branches block out the sky and bramble walls surround the clearing you purr and say
  6. 3 more moons passed and Flamebrush was able to support you and him. he brought back plenty of food and thankfully you didn't have to deal with foxes and badgers!then one night a pain takes over you know your kits are coming Flamebrush tries his best but he does not have medicine cat skills. But Starclan took pity on you. you and your kits survived there where three kits three beautiful kits you decided to name them
  7. You decided to name the little tom with a pure white pelt and green eyes Blizzardkit. Pinekit was a brown tom with one green eye and one blue eye. and Little mosskit was a light grey she cat with browns splotches and amber eyes! Flamebrush mewed "they're perfect! just like you. wait here i'll go get you some freshkill." it took him a surprisingly long time you where just about to go look for him when he came in. beside him stood an unfamiliar she-cat. Flamebrush explained that he had found her she needed help she was alone. and her name was Water. You agreed that she should stay. the next day while the kits slept you help Water and Flamebrush to weave branches and brambles to make dens! finally when the day was done they had all eaten freshkill and the clearing looked more like a home! As you slept you dreamed about
  8. The next day the kits take their first step out of the den Flamebrush and you watch them all the while purring. at one point Water came back from hunting and let them play with her tail. That's when you realize water was about the age of an apprentice! that night you receive a dream. from starclan! they tell you that you must start your own clan here. and live again by the warrior code. the next day you tell all this to Flamebrush and Water while your its played moss-ball. Flamebrush widened his eyes and said "well who should be leader?" you say
  9. Whatever you pick you finally decided on Flamebrush. he looks at you startled but then decides that if that is what you think than it must be so! You ask if you can be medicine cat and he says in a gentle voice "of course you can its what you have always wanted and besides you know about herbs than all of us here!" you chuckle than say. "Water that means you must be deputy." Flamebrush mewes "Hold on she needs an apprentice she needs to learn the warrior code!" you agree and decide that after Flamebrush finishes to apprentice her. she can train one of your kits then become deputy. as you stare at your kits you imagine
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