The mathematic quiz.

Most people know some mathematics but only a few truly know it. Mathematics is very important to know. Some say it is even the language of God and I agree with them.

But are you a master of mathematics? Do you truly grasp the manipulation of numbers? You wont truly know the answer to this until you have taken this quiz!

Created by: The Geek
  1. Lets start off simple with 6732 divided by 12
  2. Can you be sure that at least 2 people in the universe have the same number of friends assuming you cant be a friend of yourself?
  3. How many ways are there to arrange the letters in lysol?
  4. If an [O] is in parentheses it means the sum of the odd digits in the number. What does x equal in x=[O]1+[O]2+[O]3+..............[O]100.
  5. 2^5
  6. [352x 4(75434+54x654)x435]^0
  7. How many prime numbers are imbetween and counting 2 and 100
  8. Whats the fith triangle number?
  9. The square root of 3x27?
  10. All will be revead in x seconds. 9x+3=x+43

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