The Macaron Town :)

"There are many lovable people, but few true loving people. Lovable is, after all, quite exceptional. What is lovable? A lovable is someone who has an extraordinarily lovely mind, is able to solve sad problems, and see the world through an entirely novel point of happy views."

Are you really lovable? Do you have the power to show true love? Until now you can only wonder if you are lovable or not...But thanks to this town you can proof yourself to be lovable again!

Created by: Victor
  1. One day, you had dropped your novel under the bed, you fell under the bed and then you fell in a portal into another world, you saw day light and what did you land on?
  2. You saw a neighborhood full of cottages, you went in... what was the cottages made from?
  3. Some people went out of the cottages to welcome you in the town... what kind of people are they?
  4. They showed you your habitat, next to a very kind granny's house, your room was full of what?
  5. You were relaxing near the window, the trees were made of what?
  6. You are now going to the bedroom, the steps are made of what?
  7. Are you gonna stay here forever?
  8. The Macaron Town is throwing an anniversary for you 5th day staying here! What gift would you want?
  9. It was raining pillows what would you do to this emergency?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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