The Luck Test - Are you lucky?

Luck! This is the word that has made the mankind lazy. People do many things to be lucky. Somebody carries something on their pocket, while someone else does something in a particular time. Everybody's work is different. But, honestly, there are some really lucky people who do nothing but just follow their luck.

Are you one of them? Are you lucky? How lucky are you? Well, you are lucky as you have found this quiz which will answer the questions. So, best of luck!

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Click an alphabet:
  2. Choose a number:
  3. Are you superstitious?
  4. Do you create your own luck or depend on it?
  5. Choose any word:
  6. Are you lucky?
  7. Are you positive or negative?
  8. Do you have hope, even in bad situations?
  9. Do you work hard? [Note: If you work hard even for as less as a mustard seed, then click "Yes"]
  10. Do you bring goodness to your life, or at least do you try to?

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Quiz topic: The Luck Test - am I lucky?