How Lucky Are You?

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Are you luck? Do you want to be lucky? It's not an acquired skill- you'd be lucky to have it! Superstitions and myths and foolhardy though it may be, luck is fun to chase after!

Find out whether or not chance is your best friend, whether you'll test well without studying! Compare results. Scoff if you so wish! But have fun doing it!

Created by: Bounce

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Guess a number out of the 6 below that I'm thinking of!
  2. My favorite color, out of the choices below?
  3. Out of the 6 answers below, which one is the one that someone texts to a friend?
  4. Don't think aobut this one! Pick randomly a number!
  5. My favorite letter?
  6. My favorite food?
  7. The number of family members I have?
  8. Pick a number.
  9. The number of letters in the words I'm thinking of?
  10. A bit easier this time- 50/50 chance! Which number am I thinking of, 3 or 9?

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Quiz topic: How Lucky am I?