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"You got lucky this time, pal!" "I'll need a lot of luck today..." We hear the phrase 'lucky' every day. But what is luck? Does it branch from skill or merely circumstance? Does it even exist? Here's a place to test just how lucky you are!

You'll be given a series of rather nonsensical questions, and all you have to do is trust your gut to pick the correct answer. At the end, of course you'll be told just how lucky you were this particular time.

Created by: KilljoyRainbow

  1. My Chemical Romance or Black Veil Brides?
  2. Cherries or Sunflowers?
  3. Marcie, Brooke, or Gracie?
  4. Pick a Mew, any Mew!
  5. Who am I thinking of?
  6. Which number?
  7. Pick a Type of Weather.
  8. Which God(ess)?
  9. Which Mythical Creature?
  10. The Fabulous Killjoys or The Black Parade?
  11. To bring back memories of math class, we're doing a story problem. These five girls were all best friends last year. Almost all of them saw each other the next year. Which girl moved away?
  12. Slugs have four noses. Which is my favorite?
  13. Story problem time is over, so pick the right phrase!
  14. Make a wish on the right star!
  15. Pick a pet!
  16. Pick the right date!
  17. Pick the right way to say goodbye!

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