The Love They Couldn't Let Die 4

Chase,Jacques,Steven,and Antonio are the guys trained to protect you and help you.But will they become more than just that to YOU??find out in this romance action that will leave your head spinning.hope i dont sound too much like morgan freeman telling you about a movie.hehe

ok since i've been sooo bored and school is getting really close and ill be really busy im trying to get them out there quickly but ill slow down.I loved making it and i hope you guys enjoy taking it.this is a pretty intense one if i do say so myself

Created by: Alicia

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  1. The hands grip tighter and the voices grow louder whispering to you with a hiss.Suddenly your in a bright light.Jacques,Chase,Steven, and Antonio stand above you with sinister smiles plastered on.
  2. "guys whats going on?"but before the guys can answer a voice that sounds very familiar shouts to you "____ get away from them,now!"
  3. "Steven?But...?"you mummble to Steven as he rushes over to you his face looks angry."fight,there not who you think they are."you do as you are told and kick Antonio as your heart pangs.
  4. suddenly antonios green eyes turn the midnight black like ians his teeth become sharp and his face is drained of all color.Steven jumps tall and long landing straight on Antonio.You shriek but try to get over it. You chanel what you learned yesterday and manage to get Jacques on his back.Suddenly he fades away and you jump back.
  5. Steven and you stand back to back you facing the fake steven and the real steven facing Chase.Soon there both down and gone and you collapse into Steven and he holds you tight as you try to scrub away the memory of destroying the guys
  6. "what was that?"you choke out."That was shadows trying to get to the light.""but they looked like you guys"you gasp trying to understand it "shadows can take any shape necassary to get out."
  7. "but how did I get in the dark room,and how'd you get here,and where are all the guys?"your becoming hysterical."Jacques was actually a shadow and Chase didnt recognize it so thats how you got there.I got here by slipping through a crack the shadows left open.The others are somewhere in this world.I can't find em.wanna help"he winks and you stand and walk away.he follows
  8. you two soon find yourself walking through a long black corridor.Your hands slide on the walls,you come across a bump in the stop and steven comes to your side "what is it ___?""theres a bump in this wall, i think it might be a hidden door."you push at the wall and it swings back towards peer inside and there are the guys.They look up see you and smile running out.
  9. Chase picks you up and swings you around.While your sufficently dizzy Antonio kisses your cheek and Jacques hugs you"im so glad to see you ___"he tells you
  10. You all run back to the white room but you can't find the door."Looking for something?"you whip around recognizing that british accent."Ian."you hiss.He runs towards you,hes fast but Jacques is faster.They collide and when Ian is knocked to the ground a silver key pops out you grab it and run and they all follow but jacques still wrestling Ian
  11. "Jacques come on we've got to go!"you shout as you jab the key into the wall and turn praying it works.a door the size of a fat house cat appears and you plunge in hearing the guys behind you.
  12. And now we wait so who are you grateful to have with you?

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