How Well Do You Know Wall.E?

This quiz is about the great movie WALL.E.If you think you know it all then take this challanging quiz and find out if you do Know the spectacular movie WALL.E!!!!!!!!

All the hints are in the movie or in your head,see if you get 100%,if not you need to go back a step and watch the movie again,then see if you get a better score!

Created by: PinkScorpian12

  1. What is the name of Wall.E's first friend?
  2. What is Wall.E's relationship with his first friend?
  3. What did the humans need so they could come back to Earth?
  4. What is Wall.E short for?
  5. What tried to stop the humans from going back to Earth?
  6. Wall.E's job is to squash junk into..........
  7. What does Wall.E collect?
  8. What is Wall.E's pet?
  9. What is Wall.E?
  10. Did the humans come back to Earth or were they stuck on the ship?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Wall.E?