Do you know Wall-e and his Friends?

There are so many Wall-e fans but who is a true Wall-e fan? If you got a 100% on this quiz than you are a true Wall-e fan! You loved that movie and payed attention to everything in that movie!

Are you a true Wall-e fan!Take this quiz and see if you area real fan!But thanks to this great quiz you can see if you are really a great Wall-e fan!

Created by: Wall-e

  1. What does Wall-e love to put things in?
  2. Who has a laser gun?
  3. Who is a little lonely in the movie?
  4. What can Wall-e do with his head?
  5. Who cleans up the Axiom when ever its dirty?`
  6. Whats the name of the Axiom autopilot?
  7. What color are Eves eyes?
  8. Whats the name of the robot that cleans up Wall-e?
  9. Who's Wall-e's friend thats really small?
  10. Who is also called Probe one?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Wall-e and his Friends?