The Love Story That is Yours Part 7

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  1. You woke up and saw that it was already 9 AM you got out of bed and stretched your door was opened and in walked, Jake. “Jake…” you whispered, “I heard about you losing your parents. I’m really sorry.” You finish lamely, waiting for his response.
  2. “SHUT UP!” yelled Jake, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE! YOUR JUST, JUST A…” he stormed out of the room and slammed the door and you call after him, “I DO MY PARENTS ARE GONE AND MIGHT NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN I THINK WE HAVE THAT IN COMMON!”
  3. You went to the dining room looking for breakfast.
  4. “Nice shirt,” joked Derrick, you were wearing a shirt that said “MR. BUBBLES GETS YOU SQUEAKY CLEAN!” “Just because you don’t shower doesn’t mean I don’t endorse this message,” you replied shoving him. “Like the pants,” laughs Daniel, you looked down at your peace sign pant and laughed.
  5. “Those shoes are cute.” Said Liza. “Why thank you Aunt Liza!” you sit down and pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios. “Once you’re done we’re going to go shopping,” said Ben, you choked on your cereal remembering you had a $3,000 and an empty closet. Who do you want to save you?
  6. Danid rushed up and gave you the Heimlich, “Thanks.” You gasp out. “You’re welcome _____ that is what comes with years of life guard training.” replied Danid. “Are all of you coming shopping with me?” you ask. “Yes, do you not want us to?” replied Daniel.
  7. “I’ll be happy not to come if you don’t want me to,” said Jake evenly. You looked at him you hadn’t even known him for a month, and yet you felt as if you were siblings, with him and the other boys. You were hurt by what he said, but you were not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry.
  8. “No, I want you all to come. Don’t worry,” you reply with a slight tremor in your voice but you doubt anyone noticed. You finished your Cheerios, only talking to Derrick, then go to your room to get ready. You straighten your wig and put it on, then do your hair and make-up. What do you wear?
  9. No matter what you chose, you put on straight blue jeans, with a black top, a white cardigan, and many bangles. Then put on your riding boots in hopes that Danid might teach you how to ride today. You and the boys go to the mall, which is more of just a strip of stores. You got mostly professional clothes, for when you put on your ruthless, publicist, which only smiles around select people. Don’t worry you buy some clothes for fun, like puck rocker, or normal whichever you prefer.
  10. You were checking out at the last store you all had fun it even looked like, Jake had smiled once or twice, you had found a nice pizza parlor to hang out, daily. And had done one of those photo booth things where you all goofed off, it had been fun. You met a girl who looked nice enough, and started to talk with her.
  11. “Hello, I am Amelia. Are you new here, I know everyone in town but I don’t know you or your friends?” Said the girl, Amelia, you gave her a once over. She had copper hair that came to shoulder and neatly trimmed bangs, her green eyes, gave you a once over as well. “Hi, I’m ____________,” you said warmly, you had decided she would make a good friend.
  12. Thx for taking my quiz, I hope you liked it. The next few will be about certain ppl, like Danid might teach you how to ride or something, but it wouldn’t be a date, srry if you wanted it to be. Ok I want to know who you want to have your first day with, Jake will be last so don’t say him.
  13. P.S. Who do you love?

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