The Love Story For Girls Part Dos (2)



Created by: popbomb9

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  1. Who did u get?
  2. Okay the next day u ask ur mom if u can drive 2 school in her car bcuz she doesn't go anywhere, except 4 downstairs where the resterant is. she says okay u get in the car realizing ushould offer ur crush a ride. and guess what?! it's a convertible!!!
  3. So u go to the bus stop and see _____, "C'mon!" u say. he hops in the car. "thx," he says. u don't talk 4 the ride until u get 2 school and he leans over and---Luke comes out of nowhere and breaks u 2 up.
  4. I like pie
  5. u walk inside and eat pie (c what the question wuz for???) u also walk 2 ur locker and c chocolate candy hearts (sorry, i'm hungry). u open the note. it said: meet me @ ur car after school, i need to tell u something, until 3rd period, Max. It was soooo like him 2 write something corny like that!
  6. u go 2 1st period w/ Luke and pay no attention while the teacher wuz giving a lecture on houses
  7. u leave randomly and try to find Josh (whether u wanted 2 or not) who wuz roaming the halls. he pulled u into the janitors closet and made out w/ u.
  8. A teacher's voice is outside of the closet and u both hide behing drama props. They open the closet and take out the vomit comit. they close the door. Josh and u get back up and peek out the door and when the coast is clear, u walk 2 ur classes again. "Sorry, threw up, couldn't wait." u told the teacher b4 he could say anything. he nodded and gestured 4 u 2 sit down.
  9. u walk out when the bell rings and eat pie again. u walk 2 2nd period and drink gatoraid. slurp!
  10. Cliffhagerangeranger!!!!!
  11. r u taking part 3?

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