The life game, ( Part 1, Some new faces)

This a story about a journey but a special one...... YOU are the main event in this story! and some good times and bad times so i hope you liked it a lot and you will read the rest of it ASAP!

This is not a quiz...Its a story quiz, you and your friend take on many challenges and have a fun and nervous times so i hope you enjot the show ( or should i say book, DA DUM SS)

Created by: READ MY STORY!
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  1. 1: You wake up to start your morning, you see your alarm clock and say " OH MY GOD! I'm late!" while in panic mode, you hear your little sister Emily yelling "Get up _______!" she says, you have no idea what she is saying, yu rush out of the shower saying "I am late!" rushing to get ready.
  2. 2: Meanwhile at shcool you meet up with your friend, Stacy,"Hey _____!" she says, "Hey" you say, meanwhile after school you ask her " Hey Stacy wanna come over?" "Sure" she replies, you go to your house and get a text saying "_____ You need to pack NOW! Listen to me your in great danger" "Who is this Stacy?" you say, " I have no idea" she says while holding your phone, "Maybe its a prank" you say nervously, " How is going to be a prank? Whoever it is knows your name" Stacy says in shock, then all of a sudden you hear a knock on the door....
  3. 3: You open the door, there's Stacy's boyfriend at the door holding a gun.. You close your eyes and hear a gunshot...
  4. 4: "Are you okay?" its an unfamiliar voice, you open your eyes to see who is it, "Did you get my text _____?" he says, "that was you?" you and Stacy say in shock, "Yes my name is Trevor, but i cant say much now," Trevor says, "Why?" you ask, "Because your house is going to expload," he says, " WHAT MY HOUSE IS GOING TO EXPLOAD!!" you yell, "Hurry pack your bags and lets go," Trevor says calmly, "Why so you can kill us" you say, "Come on ____ he saved your life," Stacy says,
  5. 5:"Yeah, your right...But i still think he is a killer" you say, "oh come on ____! I already packed my bags when i went to the bathroom" Stacy lies, "WHAT! Stacy you wren't supposed to pack! Now i gotta pack" you say, after 10 minutes of packing, "We're ready Trevor!" you say, "oka-" while a big noise you hear outside, Trevor runs outside to see what was that, "WE NEED TO GO NOW!!" he yells loudly, you, Stacy, and Trevor run in the car
  6. 6: "okay everyone buckled in tight?!" Trevor asks, "YEAH!" you and Stacy say nervous, Trevor starts the car going 300 miles an hour! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO KILL US?!?!?" You say in a panic, you and Stacy hear gun fires and hear people saying " SURRENDER NOW OR WE KILL THE-" Stacy interrupts the people saying "Oh we're so sacred!" and so on trash talking the other people,
  7. 7: meanwhile Trevor hands you the gun saying " here shot the vans with this" "ok" you repile, you shot almost all the vans and shot them in the tires (me: oh wow, i didnt know you know how to use a gun)
  8. 8: you tend to find a really old mansion, "we're going to sleep here?!" you yell, "yes, but you need to think of the mansion of what it would look like and only focus on that," Trevor says, " okay" you reply, you try to think and say " i imagine better with my eyes closed" so you close your eyes and you say "there's a garden, a pretty kitchen, a staircase, a ballroom...
  9. 9: You see the mansion turning back to a great house and you get dizzy, and the last words you hear is "dont worry i always got you _____" and black out
  10. you wake up to a bright light and blinks five times for you to see, you hear a knock, "Its open" you say softly, "hey whats up ____" Stacy says, "nothing" you say while yawning, " dinner is ready" as Trevor says walking by Stacy,
  11. that was my story part two be out soon!

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