The life between magic & boys Pt. 29

Welcome to part 29! So I'm ending this series, and starting a new one. I'm going to have the same character, well some. See the results for the question though. Its about the next quiz and the guys. Anyways thanks guys, for helping me get through The Life Between Magic and Boys (:

Descriptions: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: Erika shows up at the house and tells the guys to turn you in before she ends up doing something. She comes with two guys, and they have Xavier who they beat up. The Immortal Society decided to take away everyones powers so your useless and have no way of defending yourself. Patch showed up too but the guys didn’t really think anything of it. Just as Patch was about to leave Jake showed up.
  2. “I should be going.” Patch walked to the door. “Glad your okay Xavier. See you at the house.” Patch opened the door but stopped. His jaw clenched. Jake was standing at the door. You gasped and the guys looked at you. Thank god you were sitting on the opposite side of the room, which was away from the door. “Whats wrong?” Josh asked. You locked your eyes ahead. Patch shoved Jake back quickly and slammed the door. Nobody noticed Jake. “Uh- patch forgot his wallet.” You jumped to your feet quickly and walked out the door.
  3. “Are you crazy? What are you doing here!” Patch’s hands were gripped around the collar of Jake’s shirt and he had him pinned to the side of the house. “I had to come!” Jake ripped himself away from Patch’s grip. “You could’ve got _____ in trouble!” Patch yelled. “And what about you? You aren’t even suppose to be near her! Your the one who could get her in trouble!” Jake snapped back. Jake and Patch hadn’t noticed you, it was so dark out. The only light you received was from the lightning that flashed every few minutes. You wanted to hear more so you decided to stay low and continue to listen. “We both aren’t suppose to be near ____, yet here we are.” Patch said in a low voice. He faced his back to Jake. “It’s impossible to stay away.” Jake sighed and sat down with his back against the house. “Erika now has a hold to where she lives. Even if she doesn’t have powers, she will send someone who is highly trained.” Jake told Patch. “What does she want with her anyways?” Patch faced Jake. He was quiet or a moment, but then answered. “I went out with Erika before I met ______. I dumper Erika for her. She’s just a crazy ex. And now that she’s an immortal she wants more power. She has this ‘perfect’ idea of kidnapping _____, and giving her to the Nephilim Society so she gets more power and revenge on me.” Jake explained. Patch let out a laugh. “She’s one crazy b-tch.” Jake also laughed. Were they actually getting along? The whole time they put on this show, where they didn’t trust each other, and didn’t have any sympathy for one another.
  4. You wanted to say something, but it would ruin your chances of finding out anything. So you continued to observe in silence. “I really loved her Patch.” Jake sat with his arms resting on his knee’s. Patch didn’t say anything. “You know how hard it was? How much it hurt? To watch the girl you love leave you for another guy. Leave you for you best friend.” Jake’s voice sounded sadder then you’ve ever heard. Your heart did this weird flip. Jake and Patch use to be best friends? You left Jake for Patch? It’s so hard to choose between the two. You felt guilty, knowing you hurt Jake. Patch let out a deep breath. “I didn’t think I’d fall in love with her Jake. It wasn’t my intention. She- she was just a girl, but as soon as I got to know her, I knew why you were in love.” They were talking about you. They both fell in love with you? This was a messed up love triangle. “She broke my heart Patch. I felt betrayed by you. My life went wrong, and thats when I went back to Erika and met Josh. He was a good friend. She ended up screwing things up even more and now he hates me. He had never betrayed me like you.” Jake flashed Patch a look. and his eyes showed so much sadness. They weren’t as bright of a blue as they usually were. They were a dull, dark, blueish grey.
  5. “I didn’t want to betray you Jake. I just had to have her. I know it sounds selfish, but I’m a fallen angel. I can’t love. I’m not suppose to. I didn’t understand how I fell in love with her, it’s never happened to me.” Patch sat down next to Jake and sat the same way. They were both gorgeous guys. Strong, attractive, a little weird, but they showed so much love for you. The worst thing of all is that you didn’t even know anything that happened in your ‘past life’. All the things that happened between you and Patch, or you and Jake, All gone. It explained why you felt like you’ve known them longer, but all of the memories, gone. You stepped out of the shadows. “_____?” They both stood up and brushed the dirt off of them. You stared at the two of them. There eyes brightened when they saw you. “You both loved me?” It slipped out of your mouth. “H-how much of that did you hear?” Jake stammered. “All of it..” You said. They looked at each other and then back at you. Patch nodded. Things didn’t feel right. There was so much tension in the air. “Jake.” You spoke his name softly. “I’m sorry.” Your eyes began to water. How could you put him in so much pain. In this life, right here, right now. It was impossible to choose between the two. But you had to apologize for what you- your past self did. It just felt like the wrong thing to do. Jakes eyes turned brighter then ever. You could sense that all the pain that he felt, was finally gone. “I’m sorry that I broke your heart. I’m sorry I caused so much trouble between you two.” You looked at the two of them. “You don’t need to apologize.” Patch said. “It wasn’t your fault I betrayed Jake.” He flashed his dark eyes over to Jake. Thunder shook the sky. Your played with your fingers, and your hand brushed something on your middle finger. The ring. You had forgotten about it. It was so pretty, and you could of sworn the diamond was glowing. Despite the fact that it was darker then ever out. Jake seemed to notice it too. “Where did you find that?” His eyes widened. “This?” You flashed them the ring. “I found it on the ship. Weird place actually. I found it at the bottom of a vending machine. Some lady must of lost it when she went for her food.” You traced your fingers along the curve of the ring. Observing it in the dark.
  6. “That ring. Its not some lady’s. It’s yours.” Jake said. “Well yeah, I know. Sucks for her, now its mine.” You laughed softly. “No ____. I was going to give that to you, but you left me for Patch. So I gave it to Cory so he could save it.” Jake said in a low voice. Your eyes widened. “He must of left it in there. So I would find it.” You looped the ring back onto your finger. Patch just stared at the ring. “What does it say?” His voice was flat. You hesitated to read it. “Your the only girl for me.” You stared at Jake. Patch’s jaw tightened. “I’d better go.” Patch shifted his eyes from you to Jake, and then started walking away. “Patch!” You called after him but he didn’t stop. Your heart jolted with pain. There was nothing to do other then let him walk away. He’d come back, and hopefully he wouldn’t be angry. “Thank you for the ring.” You hugged Jake. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. “I’d glad you could finally see it. You pulled away at the sound of the door opening. “woah.” You pushed Jake into a bush. “Whats taking you so long? DId he get the wallet?” Ezra peered around the door. “God Ezra! I thought you were on of the guys!” You reached into the bush. “What are you doing?” She gave you a wth look. “Sorry.” You whispered to Jake and helped him up. “Oooo, I see.” She smirked. “Not to interrupt your romance here but the guys keep asking for you. There going crazy now that they know Erika could be around anywhere.” She looked around. “I’m coming.” You stared at her. She got the memo and went back into house. “I guess I’ll see you later. Hopefully you can come to Cory’s soon.” Jake brushed off some leaves. “I’ll force Ezra to drive me there. Or I’ll steal her car.” You laughed. Jake hugged you one more time. You embraced him and hugged him back. “See you soon.” He pulled away and walked into the shadows of the dark path.
  7. You stepped into the house. “We can’t afford Erika getting her hands on ____.” Xavier said. “So what are we going to do?” Tyler asked. “I’m not sure yet. I’ll figure something out.” Xavier rubbed the stubble on this chin. “What if Jake is trying to get to her, too. I’m sure he’s found out that the barrier isn’t up anymore.” Josh’s eyes were back to the glorious gold. Josh really had a negative attitude towards Jake. What would he do if he found out you really knew Jake. “I don’t think so.” Ezra said. She looked over at you and smiled fondly. “What makes you so sure?” Josh looked at her, his eyes vigorously glowing. “Knowing Erika and her little schemes she probably has him running around doing errands for her.” Ezra said with a harsh tone. If only Josh knew the truth. You were so close to shouting out all the truth you knew. But it would only cause more trouble, and you didn’t want that. “I don’t care. I don’t want any of them near ____.” He looked around the room, and then stopped at you. His eyes were so gorgeous. A brilliant gold that lit up the room. His dark hair was hanging over his forehead. All these guys. All of them had some sort of love for you. It was so much to deal with at time. If you choose one, you’ll hurt the others. It was overwhelming at times, just like right now. “I need some air.” Alex and Josh stiffened up. “Let her go, she’s safe.” Xavier put his hand on Josh’s shoulder making him sit in place. They all stared at you as you walked out.
  8. The cool ocean wind breezed through your hair, tousling it softly and lightly blowed on your face. It felt relieving. You had so much stress, it was unbelievable. You slowly walked down the dirt path. It was still dark out. It hadn’t rained out. There was just a sky full of dark, puffy clouds that were promising rain soon. Thunder roared here and there, and lighting flashed the sky every once in awhile. But it didn’t scare you. It sort of made you feel calm. You were feeling the same way. The lightning represented the overwhelming feelings you felt at times and the dark cloud that were tightly packed together represented the stress you felt, always clumped together and feeling as if you couldn’t breathe. You walked down to the beach. The waves were clashing ashore. You decided to go sit on the rock that you always sit on when you watch the ocean. You began walking to it. Lighting flashed again and you stopped. Someone was on the rock. It was a dark tall male figure. He was standing on the rock. Lighting flashed again but this time it struck him. You let out a scream and ran towards the man as fast as you could. You couldn’t see very far since it was dark. Only about a foot in front of you. You reached the rock and no one was there. Did he fall into the water? You searched around, and saw that the man was still here. You let out a gasp. He was perfectly fine. No marks, no scars. You waited for the lightning to flash again so you could catch a glimpse of him. As soon as you did, your jaw dropped. “Patch! Are you okay?” You threw yourself at him.
  9. “I’m fine.” He said holding you. “Did it hurt?” You asked. Immortals felt pain, but you didn’t know anything about fallen angels. “No..” He whispered. You rested your head on his shoulder. Being here with Patch, felt like the right thing to do. All your problems went away. The stress was gone. All you wanted to do was embrace every little thing about Patch. His soft dark hair, his dark never ending eyes, his strong lean body, the way his arms wrapped around you, his smart a-- comments, his mysterious personality, but mostly the way you felt when you were with him. Had you felt this way in your past life? “I did it to myself.” He said. You pulled away. “What do you mean?” You asked. Lighting flashed and you saw its reflection over the ocean in Patch’s dark eyes. “When I’m angry...I can do things. I can’t explain. It just happens.” He looked around. Why is he mad? His body stiffened. “Someones watching us.” He turned around to face the dark cliff. Those were the cliffs where the barrier was suppose to end. It lead to a deep, dark forest you never got to explore. You admired it from a distance, well when it was sunny out. A shiver went down your spine. You had that feeling you were being watched. “I feel it too.” You whispered and gripped onto Patch’s sleeve, hiding behind him.
  10. The shadows in the forest seemed to be whispering. He took a step back, putting an arm out so you would step back too. He was standing in a defensive manner. You peered over his shoulder. It was seemed darker down by the cliffs. “Theres hundreds.” He whispered. “What?” You were confused. Was he talking to himself again? “Run.” He said. But before you could even ask anything a crowd full of dark shadows stepped out of the forest. You were being ambushed. Now you knew what he meant by there were hundreds. The line of people never seemed to end. Erika came into view. “Well, who is your new boyfriend? He’s pretty hot.” She gave patch a flirty stare. “I told your friends they better hand you over before I handled this my way.” She was not staring at you. You stepped out form behind Patch. “Are you that desperate?” You asked. She scoffed but you cut her off before her mouth babbled out pointless words. “I mean your trying to get revenge on Jake by taking me?” You let out a laughed. “Thats cool, do it. But that doesn’t change the fact that Jake choose me over you.” You smirked. “Oh right. and he always will.” Her face had a look of hatred. Her breathing went out of control and we was in a rage.
  11. “Fine. You could of made this easy. But wheres the fun if I don’t get to torture you.” As soon as she finished her sentence about 60 men came marching forward. They were all in black, once gain. They creeped you out. “Go ____.” Patch stepped in front of you. “I can’t just leave you!” You stared at him like he was crazy. “I still have my powers. You don’t.” He waited for them to get closer.”Go!” You took a couple of steps back. You were about to turn but a violating sharp pain exploded in your left thigh. You let out a bloodcurdling scream. You looked down. Someone hit you with an arrow. “_____!” Patch ran to you. You were in so much pain. Tears were pouring down your face. Patch knelt beside you. His eyes look darker then ever. His whole eyes turned pitch black. Even the opaque. He stood up and turned around. The men were only 10 feet away. Patch’s black wings soared out behind him. “He’s not an Immortal!” A man yelled. Patch swung his arms out to his side. He let out the loudest yell ever and flung his arms forward sending everyone and everything in its way exploding and flying backwards.
  12. The men were all knocked out, unconscious. You were still in a lot of pain. Patch came up beside you and picked up up in his strong arms. “I’d going to get them back ____. Every single one of them. Especially the dumb a-- who had the guts to send that arrow.” You rested your forehead on his shoulder. Your face felt hot from the tears glistening down your face. Patch carrieed you in his arms. You closed your eyes. A moment later you felt Patch jump. You opened your eyes, and gasped. Patch was in the air. You were in the air. Despite the fact that you were in pain, you were in shock. Not from the pain, from being so high up in the sky. Thunder roared louder then ever. “Hope you don’t mind. It’s quicker this way.” He said. You put your arms around his neck and closed your eyes. The wind was tousling your hair, and sending a breeze against your face. You did everything you could to ignore the pain. The tears soon stopped and your eyes were dry. It made you tired, and you fell asleep in Patch’s arms.
  13. ** Your eyes felt groggy as you slowly opened them. “____?” Ezra was sitting in front of you. Her big brown eyes were puffy and red. “Ezra?” You opened your eyes all the way. “____!” She tackled you with a hug. You let out a groan. “Sorry.” She sat up on the chair that was next to you. You leaned up but your head was pounding with pain. Head ache, great. You were in your room. You looked down and your leg was wrapped in thick white linen. “What happened?” You asked. Ezra stared at you. “Erika came back with hundreds, one who unfortunately hit you. but Patch knocked them all out and saved you. You went unconscious on your way here.” She titled her head behind her. Patch was sleeping on a chair in the corner. You smiled. He looked so cute in his sleep. Not as big of a bad boy. You laughed at the thought. “Now that your awake I’ve got to go get the guys and tell them the good news.” She giggled and ran out the door.
  14. “Patch” You whispered. “Patch!” You said a little louder. “Patch!” You yelled and threw a pillow at him. He jumped from his sleep. “Huh?” He moved the pillow from his face. He saw you and grinned. “Hey sleeping beauty.” You joked. Patch grinned and stood up. His black hair was tousled but it made him look a lot hotter. He sat down on the bed next to you. “How are you feeling?” He rested his hand on your hip. “Much better.” You looked at your leg. “I have that affect on people.” Patch smirked. “That stunt you pulled yesterday? Yeah that was cute.” You laughed. “You mean the one where I saved your life?” He grinned. You nodded. “Thanks.” Now you knew what he meant by ‘When I get mad I can do things.’. It would have been a lot more interesting to see it if you weren’t in pain during the moment. “It was a good first date.” He smirked. “Okay. First of all I got hit in the leg with an arrow, what is wrong with you. and second that was the worst first date ever!” You playfully punched him. “Were going to have to change that.” He winked at you. You rolled your eyes and laughed. Patch leaned in close to your face. Your lip were about to meet. “Thought I was going to kiss you.” He grinned staring at your eyes. “No.” You laughed and pushed him away. He grabbed your arms and kissed you. He let go of your arms and put each hand on your hips. The energy flowed right into you. Patch’s body heat warmed your skin. “Knock knock!” Ezra singed and opened the door. You both pulled away. Ezra had a smirk on her face. “I leave you alone for one minute and your already making out with Patch?” She grinned. “Thats my girl. She knows what she wants.” You and Patch laughed.
  15. “The guys are coming up right now. Your so lucky I was the one who walked through the door. And as for you , you big flirt go sit back in your chair.” She pointed to the wooden chair. Patch laughed and walked him way over to sit down. A few minutes later the guys walked in. “OH MY GOD! ANGEL!” Alex ran over to you with a giant teddy bear. He sat next to you. “I named him Alex.” He grinned. You grabbed the soft chocolate brown teddy bear. It was holding a pink heard that said Angel. “Aww.” You gave him a big hug. “Thank you.” Josh and Calisto came up to you holding literally about 20 roses each. Red ones and White ones. They looked beautiful. “Hey.” Josh grinned and hugged you. You hugged him back. Calisto came up next. “Hope your leg gets better.” He hugged you tightly. “Thanks guys.” They set the roses in a couple vases on your nightstand. Max and Tyler brought a couple of ballon’s each. They had funny pictures and sayings on them and some had red hearts. You laughed. “I thought you’d like them.” Max hugged you. Tyler came up with a cupcake. “Morning.” He gave you his sweet charming smile. “cupcake!” You yelled and took a big bite of it. The guys all laughed. “What? I haven’t had a cupcake in forever.” You said with a mouthful of food. “Glad you liked it.” Tyler gave you a hug. He smelled really good. After he let go you continued eating the cupcake.
  16. Alex sat down next to you and put his arm around you. “You know you miss this.” He grinned. You wiped some of the frosting on the cupcake onto your finger and rubbed it on his face. “I sure did miss this.” You laughed. “Owned.” Josh punched Alex on the arm. Xavier walked into the room. “Alright lads. Let’s let _____ get some rest.” The guys nodded and followed Xavier out the door. Alex pulled you closer and kissed you on your check. “Sweet dreams angel.” Alex grinned and walked out last. “Angel?” Patch said grinning. Your face turned red. “Its a nickname he likes to call me, I’m not really fond of it though.” You blushed. “Angel? Hmm. I’m going to give you a nick name too.” Patch smirked. You looked up at him. “Oh No. Nonononono.” You quickly replied. “Well since you like cupcakes. and you look cute when you sleep. I debating between cupcake and sleeping beauty.” Patch winked and you face palmed yourself. Now its two guys calling you a weird nickname. Ezra barged through the door. “Look out the window.” Her face was drained of all color and she look terrified. Since you couldn’t really walk Patch stood up and opened the giant curtain. “Oh my god...” You said. Patch’s eyes drained out and filled will pure solid black. Erika was back, with thousands of more men.

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