The life between magic & boys Pt. 18

**READ** Welcome to part 18 guise. Part 18 is dedicated to Aria, who is a very dedicated fan! Thanks for taking my series BTW (: If you like it please comment, and rate.

**READ** Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair and Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair and Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair and Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair and Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, and Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You go into Calisto's room to ask him if he has an iPod charger but end up listening to him talk in his sleep. He knows Jake is on board. and just as he was about to wake up, you run back to your room.
  2. You slam your door behind you. "Oh crap. oh crap... OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP." You change into jean shorts and tug on a thin white long sleeve shirt. "I've got to go tell Jake.." You don't know where he stays, or where he goes, or what he does. But you were determined to find him. You walk into the living room. "HA! Take that!" Alex says jumping up. "Damn it!" Tyler yells. They were so into the game that they didn't even seem notice you. You sneak past them and slip out the door. "Okay.. where should I go.." You think of anyplace where he could be but in all honesty. You had no idea where he would be, you barely knew anything about him too. Other then his life story. You decide to go where you last saw him. The ice machine.
  3. You made it to the ice machine with out getting lost. You had no idea what you were going to do now, you hadn't really planned things through. You just decided to call for him. "Jake?" You say for the next few minutes. You wait. Nothing, "JAKE?" You yell out a little louder. "Shush girl! Don't have to yell, go find you parents!" You turn around and see a old woman poking at you with her cane. "Oh.. Uh.. I'm sorry." You say, awkwardly standing there. She starts walking off, mumbling something about teenagers these days. You felt a little thirsty so you grabbed an Ice cube and popped it into your mouth. "Ah- cold!" You spit it out of your mouth and it drops on the floor. "ah crap." You kick it under the machine. You hear a soft laugh, and react by turning around. You see Jake standing there, silently laughing at you.
  4. "Oh.. Hi.." You blush. "Hey." He smiles at you, and your stomach instantly explodes with butterflies. "I was looking for you." You say to him. "I know. I heard." He laughs. "Oh.. well uhm I've got bad news. "You stare at him. "Whats wrong?" He asks in a worried tone. "Uh well I think Calisto knows you here." You tell him, waiting for his reaction. He just nods slightly and says "oh". "Wait. That's it? 'Oh?' Your on the verge of getting caught, and if the guys catch you, there is NO doubt there going to want to kill you. and all you say is oh?" You freak out a little. He just stares at you. "Well I knew they were going to find out sooner or later, but I thought they were going to see me, or someone was. Not through a dream... You can convince him it was a only a dream and that it means nothing." He says calmly. "Oh.. That could work." You reply and ponder on the thought for a few minutes. Jake smiles at you. "What?" You ask. "Nothing." He laughs. "Nothing? Well I didn't say anything dumb, or did anything to embarrass myself.. Whats so funny?" You ask staring at him. "Your cute when your freaking out." He grins at you. "I wasn't freaking out. I just didn't want the guys to catch you." You tell him. He raises and eyebrow. "Oh really? and why is that?" He stares at you smiling. You didn't want to tell him the truth. The truth was, you didn't want the guys to catch him because you sort of liked him, and you knew they were going to do something bad to him, and you didn't want that. "Because I don't want the guys to worry, and have to deal with this situation." You lie. He lets out a soft laugh. "Yeah well, I just thought you should know about that, so I'm just gunna go now." You turn to walk away but he stops you. "Listen. I'm bored, I know your bored. So do you want to hang out with me?"
  5. You stare at him. "Uh.. Its like ten o'clock at night. Don't you think its a little to late?" You ask. "Live life a little." He smiles at you. You couldn't resist the fact that you were hands down attracted to him. "Sure. Why not?" You reply. "but what are we going to do? Its a week day, there's no party, and the dining hall is closed." You tell him. "Don't worry. I've got an idea." He starts walking and you follow him. He leads you up on the fourth floor of the ship. "Here we are." He says. "Were in a hallway?" "No through those doors." He walks and opens the doors. Your on the tip of the ship. Out on the deck. "Wait. I can't go out there." You tell Jake. "What? Why?" He asks. "The guys and Cedric said Erika could find me." You say. He lets out a laugh. "That won't be happening, trust me. Erika and her little minions couldn't find a light in a dark room." He says. "Wow.. There THAT bad?" You laugh. "Yup. So your safe to come out here." He reaches out for your hand. They were really soft. He led you out to a flat surface. It sort of looked like a wooden dance floor. "What are we going to do?" You ask. "Well I'm a big fan of the stars." He lays down on his back and stares up at the dark sky. but with all the stars it looked bright out. You also lay on your back, your body only inches away from Jake's. "So I don't really know much about you, and I'm curious.." You say looking at him. "What do you want to know?" He asks, still staring at the sky. "I don't know, normal things. Like your favorite sport, or color. Things you like and don't like. Just normal, no magic." You wanted to know HIM, not the things that revolve around him. Magic was cool, but it was to much to handle sometimes.
  6. "Well I play football, It's my favorite sport, I like baseball too. My favorite color is green. I have a dog names Oliver, I have one older brother. I don't like bugs, vegetables, or the color pink. I like sports, sleeping dogs, video games, what am I missing?" He runs his fingers through his hair, and looks over at you. "Oh yeah, and I like you." You feel your face burn and look back up at the sky. "Oh." Is all you can manage to say. You feel something fall on your cheek, and you wipe it off- water. You feel it fall on your shoulder, and then your head. It started to rain. "Oh crap!" You stand up covering your head. Jake just laughs and spreads his arms out. "What are you doing? There's a storm coming!" You yell over the thunder. You see lightning flash a few miles away. "Remember what I said? Live life a little!" He shouts back, his voice barely traveling back to you. Your already soaked, head-to-toe. "ah what the hell." You lay back down next to him, your shoulders and arms touching. "Wohoo!" He yells and throws his arms up in the air. You laugh. He stands up. "C'mon." He reaches for your hands and pulls you up.
  7. You both stand up, drenched from the rain. His hair is hanging over his forehead. It looks like a darker blondish color. His eyes seem to look clearer then ever. His black long sleeve shirt was clinging to his body. You looked down to twist the water out of your shirt. "OH MY GOD." You forgot you wear wearing white. Luckily you were wearing a white tank top under that so it didn't look entirely see through. "Here." Jake tugged his shirt off over his head and handed it to you. He had a t-shirt under it. He turned around to let you change. You quickly pull off your top layer of white and put on his long sleeve. It was a little big but felt comfortable. Even though it was drenched you felt warm in it, and it smelled really good. "Okay." You let him know and he turned back around. "You just manage to look good in anything." He laughs, and shakes water off his hair. You blush. "Well what are we waiting for? The rain is waiting on us. "He smiles at you and spreads his arms out. He starts running around like he's an airplane. You didn't know this side of Jake, but now that you do, you like it. and a lot. He's nice, and is definitely a goofball. "C'mon ____" He comes up behind you and raises your arms. "Bet you can't catch me!" You yell and start to run around like an airplane. "Don't make a bet your not willing to win!" He yells and starts to chase you. You laugh, and enjoy the rain that is soothing your skin. He gets closer to you. You try to run faster, but can't because your scared your going to slip. You feel his arms wrap around you. You hear him laugh and he spins you around in a circle, which makes you laugh. Your arms are still spread out. He sets you down. You feel his shirt clinging on you and your hair is drenched, falling over your shoulder. Your turn and face him. He looks down and rests his forehead on yours. Your both panting from all the running. Your staring into his clear, bright blue eyes. You don't know why, but you kissed him.
  8. You felt his body tense up. You were going to pull away, but then his body relaxed and he threw his arms around you , puling you closer to him. He pulled you up against his body, leaving no space between the both of you. Making it your cue, you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding him close. You felt the water pouring down against the two of you, but it just made everything better. You felt his hands gripping your shirt, making the kiss passionate and desperate. Your hand went up the back of his neck and through his wet hair. You pulled away, but your arms were still around each other. You felt a rush of guilt pass through you. "I- I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinki-." Jake cuts you off by kissing you again. He pulls away. "Don't you ever say your sorry, because I'm sure as hell not sorry. That was the best kiss of my life." He says staring into your eyes. His eyes were honest, and gorgeous. You smiled in relief. "Its getting late, and were soaked. We should go." He laughed. He grabs your hand and leads you back into the hallway of the ship. "We can go back to my room. I'll wash and dry your clothes there." He starts walking, and you follow him.
  9. You were still on the fourth floor and finally reached his room. The number read room 2253. He pulled out a key and shoved it in the doorknob. The knob clicked and he opened the door. He held the door open for you, and you walked in. The room was dark, and you couldn't see anything. He flicked a switch on and the room lit up. The living room had a classy look to it. It had beige colored walls, a wide flat screen, two brown leather couches, and a soft carpet. There were a few paintings hung on the walls. The kitchen looked like yours. "Here let me go get you something to wear so I can wash your clothes." Jake said walking in front of you and going into a room. You kicked off your flip flops and walked into the living room. You had red marks on your inner thighs from your wet jeans rubbing against your skin. And your feet hurt, too. They hurt from walking and running in wet flip flops. Typical summer errors. "Here." Jake came back handing you grey basketball shorts, and a white long sleeve. "Thanks." You say taking the clothes. "The bathroom is down the hall." He points to a hallway, and you walk toward it. You find the bathroom and go into it. You slip out of your wet clothes and put on the dry ones. Jake's shirt smelled really good. You walk out and go back into the living room.
  10. You see Jake sitting on the couch watching TV. You go sit by him. He looks over at you and smiles. You smile back, feeling a little awkward. He takes your clothes and walks off. Being bored and curious you got up and walked over to a book shelf, but it was missing the books. It had little things like picture frames, notes, snow globes, action figures, and decorations. You look through the photos. You saw one of a dog, it was a Pitbull Terrier. You turn it over, and it read Oliver. It was such a cute dog. You went through a few more photos and saw a photo of Jake and a girl. You felt a little jealous. You turn the photo over and it said 'Jake&Katherine 1952.' Oh.. It was his sister, you felt a little dumb. She had long blonde hair, and light brown eyes. She was pretty. You continued through the photos until one caught your eye. It was a picture of Jake and Josh together. They were wearing dark jeans that were rolled up at the bottoms, and had jean jackets to match. Jake was wearing converse, and Josh was wearing boots. They both had a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. Josh's hair was slicked back, and so was Jake's. It looked like something from the movie Grease. You turned it over. 'Jake&Josh -greasers 1963' You laughed at the picture, not it a mean way. It was just a new sight for you.
  11. You set the photos down and walk into the kitchen. But as you were passing it you heard something clawing. You got scared, but started walking towards the noise. You reached a door the noise was coming from. "Hello?" You asked behind the door. The noise stopped. You knocked on the door, and the noise began clawing harder. You took a step back. You heard something whimper. You wanted to know what it was and opened the door. You were attacked by a dog. "AH! DOG!" You fell on your back and the dog began to lick your face. "Well, you must be Oliver." You say laughing and examine the dog. It had light brown coat color, hazel eyes, and had the cutest nose ever. Oliver responded by nuzzling his nose into the palm of your hand. "Looks like Oliver likes you." You look over and see Jake smiling at the two of you. He walks over and helps you up. "That's strange, too. Oliver always attacks people, doesn't seem to like anyone but me." Jake says and gives you an impressed look. "I feel special." You smile and bend down in front of Oliver who licks your hand.
  12. "What time is it?" You ask Jake. He looks over at the clock on the microwave in the kitchen. "Its 11:32" He responds. "Oh crap, I better get going. The guys are going to flip when they notice I'm gone." You stand up. "I can just walk back in this. I'll pick up my clothes tomorrow, if that's okay?" You say to him. "If it means I get to see you again, then I'm totally fine with that." He smiles at you. "Thanks, you flirt." You laugh. "I would walk you back, but I can't get caught..." He looks sad. "Its okay, I can manage to make it back safely." You reassure him. "Good, cuz if anybody dares touch you I'll have to whoop some ass." He jokes. "Well I'll see you tomorrow." You walk to the door and Oliver follows you. "I'll be back tomorrow." You pet his head and he rubs his nose in your hand. "wait." Jake comes up and wraps his arms around you. He feels a lot warmer. You hug him back. "I can't wait until tomorrow." He says kissing your forehead. "Oh and stay away from that Patch guy. He's dangerous." He says letting go. You just nod and walk out the door.
  13. You walk down the hall way and find an elevator shaft. You decide to take it since your feet hurt and you don't feel like causing them anymore pain. You hit the arrow pointing down and it lights up. You wait patiently for a few minutes and finally hear the elevator coming up. The doors open up and you step in. You hit second floor and the doors close. The elevator starts to lower and finally halts to a stop. The doors slide apart and someone is standing there.
  14. You see Patch standing there, reading something that looks like a pamphlet. "Patch?" You say a little surprised. He looks up at you. "Well look who it is." He says taking a step back so you can walk out of the elevator. "Isn't it past you bedtime?" You say. "Might be so. Wanna come back to my room and tuck me in?" He grins at you, "Not in a million years Patch." You say. "What about in a million and one years?" He smiles at you. "Where are you headed?" He asks. "I don't know just thought I'd visit Narnia this late at night." You say sarcastically. He let out a small laugh. "Can I join you on your adventure?" He asks. "I don't know. I heard your dangerous." You stare at him. He lets out an amused laugh. "Where did you hear that from?" He stares back, but his eyes say nothing. "Top secret." You pretend to zip your lips. "I can be dangerous, but never around a girl I think is pretty." He looks at you. "Well thanks, but I should get going. The guys are probably looking for me." You start to walk away. "Let me walk you back?" Patch says with this hands in his front pockets. "But the guys will see you." You reply. "I don't mind, as long as I know you get home safe." Patch stares at you. You didn't know Patch had a soft side. But you decided you'd let him walk you back because the hallways are creepy at night. "I guess you can." You start walking and he comes up next to you.
  15. "So why are you out so late?" You ask him. "Dinner party." He responds. "Isn't that like high class?" You ask him. "Yup. I got invited." He looks at you. "Who invited you?" You ask him. "Well one of the daughters on here is obsessed with me and I got dragged to it to meet her parents." He replies looking forward. You let out a small laugh. "You think its funny? She stalks me all the time and has convinced herself that were going to get married." He says with no emotion in his tone. You laugh a little louder. "Alright, fine. Its a little funny." He laughs softly. "My turn to ask a question. Why were you out so late?" He asks you. You hesitated. "Uh I was just out.. for a walk." You reply quickly. "So did you enjoy your time with Jake?" He says still looking straight ahead. You tensed up and your heart dropped. "How did you know I was with Jake?" You stop walking and turn to him and he also stops. "I know more then you think." He continues to walk. "What is that suppose to mean?" You catch up to him. "It means don't try to lie to me. He's dangerous, you should stay away from him." He walks around a corner, your almost to your room. "Funny. He said the exact same thing about you. You don't know him." You say with an angry tone. You reach your door. "Yeah nether do you." Patch says and walks off.
  16. You open the door and walk in. The guys were all sitting in the living room. "Hey, where were you?" Calisto asks calmly. They didn't even freak out, that's weird. "I went for a walk, I got bored." You lie. "Oh alright well guess what? Good news." Alex says jumping up. You look around at them, there shirtless. "What's the good news?" You ask sitting down on the couch. "Cedric talked to one of his friend and said we can go to Australia now. He has this whole protection barrier set up." Max says with excitement in his voice. "So we can finally go to Australia?!" You yell out, a little to excited. "Yup." Josh replies. "YES!" You scream.

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