The life between magic & boys Pt. 17

Welcome to part 16 guise. Jake and Patch are now a result. So for the ones who like them, your welcome (; Thanks for taking my series BTW (: If you like it please comment, and rate.

**READ** ( if you forgot) Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair and Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair and Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair and Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair and Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, and Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You and Patch are in the kitchen and he sort of pulls of this confusing move where he pretends hes going to kiss you.. but doesn't. He slid something into your pocket before leaving.
  2. You didn't realize you were holding your breath until you let out a long sigh. What the heck had just happened? You actually WANTED to kiss him. No. You can't. You won't. That would just give Patch exactly what he wanted. He wanted you to fall for him, but you wouldn't. Your not going to play this littler game he's trying to start with you. You just couldn't fall for the trick.. You couldn't fall for HIM. You barely knew him. You check your back pocket to see what Patch had put there. You pull out your iPod and a small slip of paper. "yes! my iPod!" You said smiling bigger then ever. You opened the paper. It was a note from Patch: 'Its not as much fun holding on to this if I won't be getting a phone call from you. Just in case.' You see an arrow pointing to the back side of the piece of paper. You turn it over. You see Patch's number scribbled on the other side. You curse under your breath and shove the paper into your pocket.
  3. You walk back out into the living room to see the guys still playing COD. You notice Patch isn't there anymore, so you go walk down the hall and find Calisto who is sitting on the couch watching TV.You notice that hes trying to make a faux-hawk out of his brown hair. "What are you doing?" You ask sitting next to him laughing. "I don't really know.." He says grinning at you. "Looks... interesting." You say laughing and wacth him trying to do his hair. "Here." You reach out your hands and run them through his soft, loose hair. You both start laughing. "Is it working?" He asks. "Sort of?" You say trying to keep his hair up. "No, my hair has to much flow for this." He jokes, which seems to make you laugh. "Your turn." He runs his fingers through your hair at first, and the feeling of it gives you those good-feeling kind of goose bumps. It sends a warm chill through you. He smiles into your eyes, and then playfully messes up your hair. "Hey!" You say laughing and scruff his hair up. "Well.." He says shaking his hair, trying to put it back into place. "Thanks Calisto." You stick your tongue out at him and fix your hair. "Anytime." He laughs. You both catch your breath from laughing so much. "So how did you like last night? Don't think I didn't notice you dancing last night." You say smiling at him. He lets out a nervous laugh. "It was a good night. Lets see. I danced my ass off, got to see you in a dress AND got to watch you perform." He lets out a short laugh. You blush. "I was just.. I don't know.." You look down laughing. "It was pretty damn awesome if you ask me." You look up at him. "Well what can I say?" You wink at him. He laughs. You both stare at each other for awhile. You haven't stared into his mesmerizing blue eyes in a while. It wasn't until then, that you realized Calisto was all together... perfect. He has the beautiful blue eyes, the heart melting smile and perfect lips to match, the gorgeous soft brown hair, the cute laugh. He was the sweet, caring, and goofy down-to-earth guy. "Wow.." You accidentally say out loud. Calisto let's out a soft laugh "What?" He questions. "Nothing..." You continue to stare into his icy blue eyes. He breaks the gaze between you two by looking at your lips. You knew exactly what was going to happen next. Your heart knew too, and began pounding hysterically. You looked down at his lips, and he began to lean in slowly. Soon you were nose to nose, and you closed you eyes. You felt his lips softly brush against yours at first, He leaned his body in getting closer to you. He put his hands on your hips, and your arms went around his shoulders. The kiss lasted for a few minutes, but eventually you had to catch your breath so you pull away. You arms were still around each other. You let out a laugh, and he smiled at you resting his forehead against yours.
  4. You took a long breath and stretched out on the couch to lay on your back. Calisto was still sitting up and you stretched your legs across his lap. You two stayed in the room for what seemed like a couple hours watching TV and talking, when Max walked in telling you they bought a pizza and it was in the kitchen. "Pizza!" You yelled and rolled over off the couch.. but failed and landed face first on the floor. Max and Calisto let out a loud laugh and helped you up. "Ouch. I got a stupid rug burn.." You frowned and rubbed your elbow. But the thought of it disappeared as soon as you smelled the pizza's scent carry itself throughout the room. You heard your stomach growl super loud, and it sounded like a dying whale. The three of you walked into the kitchen and saw Josh and Alex holding a box... each. They were eating like they hadn't ate in weeks. "Jeez guys! Save some pizza for the rest of us!" You laugh taking a slice from Alex's box who was smiling at you with food hanging out his mouth. "Sexy." You say taking a bite of your pizza.
  5. "I know." Alex replies showing off his mischievious smile. You grab a plate and throw another slice onto it. You sit at the table with the guys and you all joke around at the table for the next thirty minutes. You got thirsty so you got up and walked to the fridge to see if anything could satisfy your thirst. "Drinks anyone?" You asked popping your head into the fridge. "Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, VODKA PLEASE!" The guys all shout out what they wanted. "Vodka? Who the heck said Vodka?" You ask laughing. Alex winks at you. "Of course." You roll your eyes. "Pepsi it is Alexander." You grab the cans and try to balance them at once and walk back to the table with out a sweat. "Here you guys." They help you by taking the cans. "Thanks." They all say. "No problem." You say and pull back the tab on the top of the pop. Unexpectedly it shoots out fizzing and drips all over your shirt. "Oh crap." You pull back from your seat and run over to the sink and hold your pop over it. You grab a wash cloth and wipe down any stains that were visible. You reeked of Pepsi so you peeled off your shirt, leaving yourself in a white tank top. You poured the rest of the pop into a red cup and walked back into the kitchen.
  6. The guys were all staring at you. Except for Alex who was giving you his mischievious smile. "I like your tank top." He says grinning at you, and the guys laugh. "Shut up. The pop ruined my shirt." You say. "Mhmm." Josh says taking another bite of his pizza. The others try to cover their laughs. You roll your eyes at them. "Obviously you guys weren't use to girls before me." You joke. "What are you trying to say ____?" Max challenges you. "I'm trying to say you guys were losers, and didn't have girlfriends." You laugh. "Ouch. Hey, thats a lie. I had lots of girlfriends! Does my dog count?" They all protest. You burst out laughing at the last answer. "Sure." You say. "Guys. Let's teach her a lesson." Josh says. They all grin at Josh as if they knew exactly what he were talking about. "Lesson? What lesson? What are you guys going to do? GUYS?" You being to question. They all stand up and start walking towards you. "Nah uh!" You say running into the living. You walk across the room and press your back against a wall. "Hey _____, come here." Max says smiling at you. "I don't think so." You stick your tongue out at them. "Fine. We'll come to you." Alex and Josh start walking towards you and chase you. You let out a loud shriek and jump over the couch. "Jesus shes fast!" Josh says chasing after you. You let out a giggle and decide to take advantage of this situation and turn invisible. "Ah sh-t. Not fair!" Josh says. "Hey" Max and Calisto say. "Not fair? Its four against one right now." You say and the guys look around trying to find the direction your in. You walk up behind Max's back. "Boo!" You shout and pounce on his back. "AH SH-T! WHATS ON ME!" He yells and falls forward. You laugh at him and continue up behind Josh. You pull his pants down around his ankles, and leave him standing there in his blue plaid boxers. "What the- WOAH HEY!" He quickly pulls up his pants. You burst out laughing, and fall over. After catching your breath you see Alex standing around, casually. You creep up behind him and just as your about to jump at him he turns invisible. "oh crap.." You whisper. You stand frozen in place, listening for any movement. "boo!" you feel arms go around your waist, and someone plant a kiss on your check. You scream and fall backwards. Alex turns into sight and is on top of you. "GUYS! I found her!" He yells over his shoulder. You hear their feet shuffling across they floor as they come into the room and close around you. "Take back what you said, or suffer." Alex jokes. "No, its not my fault you guys were dorks." You laugh. "Suffer it is." Max grins. Alex, who is still on top of you, pins your arms down. "Woah!" You struggle and try to free yourself, but are helpless. "Lets get her!" Josh says and start tickling you. "get her? what are yo- NO! ST-" You start laughing hysterically and feel your abs coming in. The guys are all tickling you. Your arms are now free and you try to cover all your tickle spots. "STOP!" You laugh out, completely breathless. They all stop and let you catch your breath. You roll on your side and start taking deep breaths, still laughing a little.
  7. You lay on the floor, catching your breath. "You guys... are.. horrible." You say in between breaths. They all laugh. "You had it coming." Max says laughing. They help you up to your feet. You stick your tongue out. "I'm going to go get water." You say guiding yourself to the kitchen. "Augghh. No ice." You walk back to the guys. "Hey We ran out of ice. I'm going to go gets some. I'll be back." you tell them and they nod in approval.
  8. You walk out the door and feel a breeze brush off your shoulders. You forgot that you were in your tank top but just shrugged it off and walked your way to the ice machine. "crap.. which way is the ice machine?" You lost your way in the hallways. You look around for signs. "machines." The sign read with an arrow pointing to your left. "Ok good." You followed as the sign said and found the ice machine. You put the cup into the machine and scooped out ice cubes, filling the cup to the top. "Ah! Cold!" You say and drop the cup. "ahhh crap..." You bend down and start picking up the ice. You reach out for the next ice cube, but someones hand beat you and you just awkwardly put your hand on top of theirs. You instantly pulled away when you realized the hand was there. "Uuh.." You look next to you and see Jake.
  9. "Oh.. Hi." You say blushing. He smiles and you instantly feel your heart jump from happiness. "I saw you dropped the ice so I decided to help." He says picking up the last of the ice. "Thanks." You say and stand up. He also stands and hands you the cup. You reach out and take it, but as you grab it your fingers brush off his. You fill the cup up with more ice, holding your grip tighter, praying you won't drop it again. "Where have you been?" Curiosity beats the best of you. "I've just been hiding. Its not easy when you have six other guys looking after you." He lets out a sad type of smile. "Six? I only live with four of them, and then there's Tyler.. that's five." You correct him. "Ha no. Mystery boy. He's your sixth." Jake says harshly. "Mystery boy?" You ask. "That creep, you know whats his name. Hatch? Match?" He keeps guessing.. "Patch?" You cut in. "Yeah, him." He answers. "Wait. I think you've got the wrong idea. Patch is just a creep who wants to talk to me. Parch isn-" You wonder off into thought. "No, Im 100% sure he's protecting you." He says flipping his hair out of his clear blue eyes. "What?" You ask. Jake goes off into thought "I just don't know why. I don't like his kind." He begins rubbing the back of his neck. "His kind?" You ask. Jake stops at looks at you. "I've got to go. The guys are looking for you." but before you can protest he walks away quickly. Leaving behind a scent that your nose seems to admire.
  10. You quickly walk back to the room, a little spooked by what just happened. You shut the door behind you and bring the cup to the kitchen. "Took you long enough." Alex says. "Sorry. I got lost." You let out a nervous laugh. "Alright we'll its only 4 and Tyler's coming over later to watch some movies." Calisto tells you. "Alright, sweet." You smile. "I'm going to go shower." Max says and walks out of the kitchen. "Well I don't know about you, but I am TIRED." Alex says and walks off. "Yeah I agree." Calisto follows after him. "Well. I don't know about you. But I definitely not tired." You look at Josh and laugh. "Agreed. C'mon lets go check whats on TV." Josh leads you into the living room and you both sit on the couch together. He turns on the TV and starts flipping through the channels. There's not much on so you settled to watch Fast&Furious. You got lost into thought about how awesome it would be to drive a car like that. You eventually drifted off to sleep.
  11. Shortly after you wake up. You realize you fell asleep on Josh's shoulder. "Hi." He says smiling down at you. "Hi.." You reply stretching and see that Josh's arm is around you. "How long have I been asleep for?" You ask sitting up. "Uh I'm not sure... I fell asleep too." He lets out a short laugh. "Oh.. well aren't we fun." You joke. "What time is it?" You ask. "Not sure hold on." Josh removes his arm that's around you and stands up. He walks into the kitchen and then comes back out. "Its 5:57." He says and looks at you. "crap Tyler is coming over at 6." He says. "hahaha nice hair." You laugh pointing at his head. His brown hair was sticking out everywhere, and hanging over his forehead. Sort of like loose messy spikes. "Hey." He laughed and tried fixing his hair. "I'm going to go get ready. If Tyler comes, let him in. Well like he needs to be anyway." Josh says laughing and goes to his room. You stretch out on the couch and start flipping through the channels. You decided on watching MTV. "Hey." Alex says walking into the room, wearing nothing but blue basketball shorts and socks. "Put a shirt on." You stick your tongue at him, and stare at his tan abs. "Nah, I'm to sexy for my shirt." He says jumping on the couch and sits on you. "Ow! Get off!" You laugh and shove him off. "Ouch." he falls on the floor. "Sorry." You say messing his hair up. *Knock* "TYLER'S HERE!" You scream across the room so Josh can here. "That's cool. I'll get it.." You get up and walk to the door.
  12. You walk back the living room and go to the door but see Tyler's already inside. "Hey." He smiles at you and gives you a quick hug. "Hi." You reply. "Josh was wrong." You say laughing. "About what?" He asks. "He says you never knock, you just walk in." You laugh at him. "Well I do knock, but I also let myself in." He smiles shyly. "Its okay, I don't mind. The guys get boring sometimes." You joke and lead him back into the living room. "Hey dude. What are you doing?" Tyler asks Alex, who is laying on the floor spread out, like hes free falling. "The floor is comfortable." He mumbles out. You sit in his stomach. "Is it comfortable now?" You ask laughing. "oh yeahh." He winks and starts to grab you but you pin his arms down above his head. "Tyler tickle him." You look up at Tyler who looks lost. "Tickle him? What?" He asks. "Okay never mind hold his arms down your stronger." You demand. "Hey.. what are you doing?" Alex says. Tyler sits down by Alex and holds his arms down. "Pay back." You laugh. "WOAH! woah! No!" He starts to protest but you just start tickling him. "hahahaha stop! stop! HAHAHA im sorry!" He says in between laughing. "Are you sure?" You ask. "yes! YES! I'M SORRY!" He says laughing. "hmmm.. okay." You stop tickling him. "You can let go off him now." You tell Tyler, and he does. "I think my six pack is now an eight pack." Alex says catching his breath. "Sure." You laugh. "What did I miss?" Tyler asks. "Well the guys all teamed up on me and started tickling me." You sit on the couch and tell him the story. "That was an awesome idea!" Tyler says high-fiveing Alex, who is grinning. "So your on the guys side?" You say punching Tyler on the arm. "No.. I just like what they did." He laughs, and Alex joins. "You guys are dorks." You laugh turning back to the TV.
  13. "Hey bro." Josh says walking into the room. You could tell he took a shower because is hair was dripping water on his black shirt. "Whats up?" Tyler responds. "Ready for COD. I'm determined to beat Patch's killing streak." Josh laughs. Your ears rose at the sound of Patch's name, and you shifted in your seat. You stood up from your seat. "Well I'm going to go take a shower." You say as Josh takes your seat. "Can I come?" Alex grins at you. You just roll your eyes at him and walk into your room. You prepared your towel and clothes and went to the bathroom. You slipped out of your clothes and took a long shower. You were thinking about your family, and how your life was before you met the guys. You thought about your parents, who have no idea you've been spending the past couple of weeks on a cruise with a bunch of guys. They didn't know anything. They didn't know about the ship, the guys, the powers, or about Erika. Nothing. You just felt homesick.
  14. You get out and put on a fresh pair of clothes. You walk out of the bathroom and go lay on your bed. You notice your iPod laying on your stand and reach out for it, stuffing the headphones into your ears. You listen to music for the next half an hour before the battery died. "Oh great. Patch could of at least charged it before returning it." You say as you put the iPod back on the stand. You wondered if the guys had a charger so you got up and walked out of your room. The one closest to your was Calisto's. You knock on his door, but it was already open. You hear mumbling at see him on his bed. You walk towards him. "Calisto, do you have an iPod charg- oh.." He was mumbling in his sleep. You were about to walk away but he kept mumbling. Curiosity took control so you stayed and listened to what he was saying. "Wha- what? YOU. What are YOU doing here?" He was mumbling. Who was he talking to? You continued to listen. "How did you find us? I won't let you take her." He says growling. He sounded angry. He twitched in his sleep, and it scared you so you took a step back, but continued to listen. "You better get out of here Jake. I swear to god. I'll kill you." Your heart dropped when he mention Jake. He knows Jake was on the ship... No. He can't. Its just a dream.. He started shifting around waking up. You ran out of the room before you got caught.

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