The life between magic & boys Pt. 16

Welcome to part 16 guise. Jake and Patch are now a result. So for the ones who like them, your welcome (; Thanks for taking my series BTW (: If you like it please comment, and rate.

**READ** ( if you forgot) Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair and Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair and Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair and Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair and Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch. Black hair, and Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: Your at the party and realize Alex is drunk. After a few minutes his eyes turn red. You go tell Josh and drag him back, but Alex was gone. So you and the guys are searching the ship for a drunk Alex, who happens to be walking around somewhere with red eyes.
  2. You hear a familiar funny noise. "I hear Alex's laugh!" You say. Josh quickly swings the doors open. "Uh-oh.." Alex says laughing, from the floor. No big surprise there. You see a pair of feet by Alex and look up to see who's they are. You gasp. "Who are you" Josh asks. Max and Calisto were staring at a drunk Alex who was petting the floor. You see Patch standing there, right in front of Alex.
  3. "This your friend?" Patch looks at Alex, and then to the guys. "Yeah." Max says, and they all stare at Patch. You just stand there a little nervous, not knowing whats about to happen. "Hey ____." Patch flashes you a flirty smile. "You know this guy?" Josh asks. "Uh- uhm... yeah." You say. They all stared Patch down as if they were a pack of wolves, and Patch were there dinner. Patch didn't even move, he just laughed. 'Some friends you have' You hear the voice in your head again. "What the hell?" You whisper.
  4. "Alex. What the hell are you doing?" Calisto says, and you all look down at him. You couldn't help but laugh. He was laying his head on Patch's shoe, and then he kissed it. "Uhm. You want to get your friend of my shoe?" Patch looked at Josh. Josh moved forward to reach Alex. He grabbed one of Alex's arms and put it around his shoulder, while Alex held a tight grip on Patch's shoe yelling. "No! I love you!" Which made you and Max almost fall over because you were laughing so hard.
  5. Patch just shook him off. He looked up at you and gave you, yet another flirty smile. Your surprised Patch didn't ask about Alex's eyes. "So how do you two know each other?" Calisto asks the both of you. Patch smiles at you as if saying your answering that question. "Oh- uhm.. well I met him on here.. In the.. the uh-" You tried to think of a social place. "the dining hall. Yeah, we just happened to be at the same table." You say lying, but not as slyly as you have been the past couple of days. The guys looked at you, with confused expressions and Patch.. Patch was just standing there, arms crossed, smiling at you as if laughing inside. 'nice excuse' The voice popped up again. "Go away!" You yelled out loud. "Woah, who?!" The guys jump up full alarm, scanning the area for some type of movement. "Oh! No! I just saw a bug.. I don't like bugs." You say with a nervous smile. "Oh.." Calisto replies.
  6. "Smooth." Patch grins at you. That's when it all made sense. The voice inside your head... was Patch. You stared at him and gave him a long, evil stare. He just continued staring back, but with a big smile on his face. He was doing it on purpose. How was he doing it? Did he have powers like you and the guys? or was he just some weird, mental, not to mention gorgeous, guy?
  7. "So where are you from?" Josh asked Patch. "I'm from up North." Patch stared at Josh. You knew he was lying thought.. something just felt like it at least. Patch doesn't seem like the type to give out anything personal. You only knew his name. "Sweet, I have some family that lives there." Patch didn't seem like the kid of guy to just say random facts about himself. "Play any sports?" Josh asked Patch. "Yeah football, basebell, hockey and lacrosse." Patched smirked. "Jeez." Calisto laughed. "You should come hang with us sometime dude." Max said, and the guys all nodded, agreeing with Max. Patch looked at you, and grinned. "Definitely."
  8. "Uhm we should get Alex back to the room." You say avoiding any further eye contact with Patch. You could feel his eyes burn into you as you walked away. "Wait up!" You here the guys say as they run, trying to catch up to you. You all walk back into the room. You check the clock. It was 2:30 in the morning and you were exhausted. "I think I'm going to bed now guys, I've had quite and interesting night." You say laughing. "Oh we know. Did your dancing get you tired?" Josh said winking at you and slowly putting Alex on the couch, who happens to fall on the floor. You laugh. "skhhhht." Alex keeps making awkward noises from the floor. "Heya- he- _____ duo do you- do you like to- ta.." He just kept mumbling weird things. "Goodnight guys." You say walking to your room, and the reply. You change out of you dress, and slip into your PJ's. You go and huddle under your covers. "Oh great.." You groan because you forgot to turn off the lights. "hmm I wonder if I can turn off the lights.." You used your power to see if it would turn off. "Yes! Im such a master." You say as you success to turn the light off. You get comfortable and eventually fall asleep.
  9. You wake up, to hearing the guys shouting. "What the heck." Your the kind of person who hates being woke up in the middle of sleeping. You rubbed your eyes and checked the clock. The red numbers glowed '12:42'. "Uugghh." You groan stretching and standing up. You change into a pair of jean shorts, and put on a tank top. You continue to hear the guys shouting. "OH MY GOD!" You run your fingers through your lose curls from last night, and stomp into the living room. "WHY ARE YOU GUYS YELLI-" You stop in the middle of your sentence. Not believing what your seeing.
  10. You see Patch sitting on the couch with a Play Station 3 remote controller in his hands. Max was on his left, and Josh was on his right. Calisto and Tyler were sitting on the a couch aside the other one. And Alex was sitting and the counter rubbing his head and drinking Orange Juice. They all stop yelling and look at you. "Oh.. what's he doing here?" You ask staring at Patch, who is grinning at you. "We invited him over to play some COD." Josh says pointing at the TV. "Oh.." You say and awkwardly walk into the kitchen. You search the fridge for food. Alex walks in mumbling to himself. "Goodmorning." You say. "Ah!" He covers his ears with his hands. "please don't talk so loud.." He says still covering his ears. 'Sorry' you mouth, he just lets out a laugh. "Hang over?" You say in a softer voice, so you won't provoke his ears. He gives a nod and holds up his Orange Juice glass, which was now empty.
  11. "Drinking juice is suppose to help." He says. "You were really... interesting last night.." You say laughing. "Was I now?" He says winking at you, and continues. "I don't really remember much." "You sure like kissing.." You laugh trying to trick him. "What exactly did I kiss." He inches towards you smirking. You try to hold back from laughing at him. "Patch's shoe." You burst out laughing. "You told his shoe you loved it." You laugh trying to catch your breath. "I did WHAT?" Alex says putting the glass down. He sits there staring at you. "What?" You finish laughing, and he lets out a laugh too. "Wait. Who's Patch?" He ask. "He's the guy who found you before you caused any more trouble. Hes the guys out there playing COD with Josh." You jerk your thumbs behind you, towards the living room. "Ohhh! Snipe!" Alex says grinning. "Snipe?" You raise and eyebrow at him. "Yeah, Snipe. He's got the best aim in sniping ever. Probably the best I've seen." Alex says laughing, as if impressed. "Wow. Thats.. awesome." You say blandly. "Yeah, He's a really cool guy." Alex says finishing his juice and walking back to the guys. "Great. Just another reason to be friend with him." You say and start to eat your breakfast.
  12. You finish your food and go and wash your dishes. Your set the dishes down and freeze. You felt something behind you. Sort of like a creepy shadow. It didn't feel like the presence of any of the guys. You slowly turn around. "God Patch!" You say. He's standing so close to you that you have to lean back against the counter. "Hey." He grins down at you. You couldn't help but feel even more attracted to him. You know being so close to you and all. You felt his body heat dance around you. You sort of had the urge to.. kiss him. 'NO' you think to yourself and move around him. "Hi.." You reply. He stares at you. "When am I getting that phone call?" He winks at you. You let out an annoyed sigh. "NEVER patch." You say. "You sure about that?" He reaches into his front pocket and pulls out your ipod. "My ipod!" You gasp and run to grab it. But he instantly reacts and holds it above your head. Not to mention the fact that hes about a good 5 inches taller then you. You stand up on your tippy toes and try to reach it. "Patch! That's not fair!" You shout and jump for it. You lose your balance and fall forward against Patch's chest. Your arms are on his chest, and you feel a wall of muscle behind his black shirt. He smirks and brings down his hands to your waist. He stares at you grinning and you get caught up in the moment, staring back into his endless, brown eyes. You suddenly jump back into reality and pull away. "Fine. Keep it." You say angered away walk out of the kitchen.
  13. Before you can walk away Patch grabs your arm and turns you to face him. Hes holding you against his chest, and he has his hands on your lower back. Your whole body gets a tingly feeling and you don't feel like fighting back. You just stand there.. waiting for him to do something. You feel Patch's hand run down your back and he slides something into your butt pocket. Just the lightest brush of his fingers on you gives you a strange chill of pleasure. He leans in, his face only inches away. "Don't get to excited." He says grinning as if knowing your reaction to his touch. He pulls away and walks off to the guys.
  14. Okay so that's the end of Part 16. Sorry It's not as long,but at least I got part 16 out (: Well comment, and rate thanks!

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