The life between magic & boys Pt. 23

Welcome to part 23 guise! (: Your getting to Australia soon, you excited or what? Okay so the new kid Cory- I'm not putting him as a result yet you know, unless I change my mind soon, I might but right now he's not. Give me feedback on him, what do you think about him? Anyways go ahead, take the quiz :p

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You got kidnapped, well sort of. By Cory, Jake's best friend, who is the guy that was hitting on you at the water park a while ago. You being smart and all, got away. Later on you went back to Patch who was only slightly hurt. He brought you home and Alex told you that you were arriving Australia, and you feel asleep with him. The next morning you went out for Ice, that sounds weird, but you were abruptly stopped by someone.
  2. It only took you a few minutes to get to the Ice machine since you know where it is this time. You placed the topper on the ice machine and let the ice cubes tumble down into the cup. Suddenly you felt a firm hand wrap around your mouth, not letting you cry out for help. "Don't make a sound." He whispered into your ear from behind. You shifted in his tight grip. It was quiet in the hallway, there wasn't any noise other then the heavy breathing of the guy. He removed his hand and you flipped around punching him in his arm. "Ow!" Cory agonized. "What are you doing?!" You yelled at him. "I was saving you!" He said as he rubbed his arm. "Saving me?" "Yeah some of Erika's guys found you. Luckily I was here to save you." He stared at you. "Yeah luckily." You mumbled sarcastically. You weren't really surprised, or even concerned that they had found you. You didn't know why but you just had a certainty that nothing bad was going to happen, and you were just completely calm. "That's not the way to treat someone who just saved you." He smirked at you. "You right. I'm sorry want a cookie?" You beamed and his smile faded away. "Why do you show up everywhere?" You preached. "I' just keeping an eye out for you, since you don't want anything to do with Jake." You started walking and he followed, so you stopped. "Who says I want anything to do with you? I can handle myself." "Well you do have a mean punch." He laughed. You growled to yourself and walked your way back to your room. This time Cory didn't follow.
  3. You walked into the room and it was quiet in the living room. But you hear faint mumbles and words from a distance. You walked down the hall and into the hang out room where the guys usually just watch TV. You never understood why, because the living room is bigger and the TV is also bigger. You opened to the door and the guys were sitting there playing scrabble. "Hey ____!" Josh grinned at you. "Hi, are you guys playing SCRABBLE?" You asked amused because they are the last people you would ever expect to see play scrabble. "We were bored." Alex said from the floor, of course. You walked over and looked at the board. They had the weirdest words. "Weenis? boobs? poop? Real mature guys." You laughed. "It makes things a lot funnier." Max said. "True." You sat down on the couch. "What time do we get to Australia?" You ask looking at the time. "Like at 4." Calisto replied. Ughh, it was only 10:30. "Ahhh I'm excited." You sang out. "Do you know where we're going?" "Yeah were going to Queensland, Australia." Josh replied. "I heard our house is huge, and its on Whitsunday island." Alex grinned. "Oh my god.. That place looks awesome, I once did a school project on it." You gawked. "I know I've been googleing the pictures all day." Max said with the laptop. "Pictures are different then from being in person." You said to him. "I know I just though I'd check it out." His eyes were glued to the screen. "Well I'm going to go take a shower I'll be back." You walk out the room and you hear Alex yell out: "I'll be there in a minute!" What a crazy kid you laughed to yourself. You walked into your room and headed for the shower. They always made you feel better, but haunted your head with a million thoughts. You slipped in and let the hot water steam against your skin. After a good 20 minutes you got out and wrapped the towel around you.
  4. You didn't bring your clothes with you so you walked back out to your room to go get them. "Hey ____ I've got to- woahh! woah!" You scream and see Cory sitting on your bed. "What are you doing here? GET OUT!" You yell at him, and throw the nearest thing at him, which was a shoe. "Wait- ow! I can't leave yet, I have something to tell you." He says covering his eyes. "LEAVE!" You demand. "No I can't. and I won't until you listen." He says still sitting. Seeing you can't make him leave you agreed. "Fine, but after you tell me- GET OUT." "Alright, alright." He removes his hands and stares at you still in the small towel. "I didn't say you can look!" "Sorry." He grins and closes his eyes. "Speak." You demand. "Jake wants me to tell you to meet him in an hour at the library." He opens one eye, and smirks at you. You throw another shoe at him at it hits him in his stomach. "Ow. Stop throwing shoes at me." "Stop creeping on me. Tell Jake I don't want anything to do with him, and I'm not going. While your at it turn around." You demand and he does as you say. You quickly change before he can turn around. "You've always been so stubborn. I'm going to keep bugging you if you don't go." -He turns around- "You don't know me. and I'll get Patch on you." "Patch, doesn't have super speed." He grins. "I'm not going." You made your decision then and there. He lied. and it wouldn't of been such a big deal if it were something small but this was Erika. The psycho who wants to kill you. "You have to. It's kind of important, and if you don't want Patch to get hurt, or maybe even killed, you better go." His bright green eyes flashed you a serious look. Your body tensed up when he said kill. and your heart dropped. "Why is he doing this? Why does he hate Patch so badly. That's why he makes me mad." You say with anger rising in your voice. "No, you've got it all wrong. It's the Nephilim society who's trying to kill Patch. Jake just hates that fact that Patch puts you in a lot of danger." "Nephilim society? Patch protects me. He doesn't want to put me in danger." You neglect everything he says. "He's protecting you from who he is, and what his past could do to you." Cory's tone suddenly went cold. "What are you talking about?" You ask seriously starting to get confused. "If you really want to know the truth, you better meet Jake at the library in, oh look we just wasted ten minutes, you've got forty minutes to decide. See ya around." He winks at you a casually walks out your door as if he's been here more then enough times.
  5. You let out a stressed groan. "Why is my life so complicated." You mumbled as you jumped into a pair of shorts. After you finished changing you returned to the bathroom and did the usual- teeth, hair, makeup. Considering you usually take forever you rushed things quickly and walked out. The guys were now sitting in the living room all crowding around the TV, in the middle of a game of COD. "Hey guys I'm heading out to go say bye to some of the people I met on here." You tell him. "Alright just get back soon so you can start packing." Josh says with his eyes glued to the TV. "Aww, I was hoping Alex would do it." You joked. "Good one Angel, I'll consider it." He grinned at you. "Bye guys." You say and walk out the door. Hoping it would go all smoothly you walked at a slow pace, thinking things through just in case something goes wrong. Next thing you know the library door is right in front of you. "Oh god, please make this easy." You let out a deep breath and turn the knob, slowly sauntering in.
  6. You walk in with a bit of paranoia. Every step you take seems to grow louder, and louder. You walked to the tables where you usually sat, and strolled up to it slowly. There he was. The guy who you gave your trust to, even some of your feelings, and he ruined that. "Jake." You said in a cold voice, that your barely recognized. He turned around staring at you with his bright blue eyes. "____.." He whispered, staring at you as if he were deciding if you were real or just an illusion. You sat at the table across from him. "You here..." He said still staring at you. "Yup. So start talking." You replied coldly. "I'm sorry," He said softly "I really am. I messed things up, and it killing me knowing that you don't want anything to do with me." He said with meaningful eyes. You stare into the beautiful blue, and it was just for that split second when you were actually considering to forgive him. "You lied. why?" "Uh- I don't exactly know what I lied about.. you never told me." He replied not wanting to create more tension. You looked down at your hands. "Erika. You said you didn't talk to her, that you weren't on her side anymore yet you were with her the other day." He let out a long sight. "I don't. I promise you that." "Then why were you with her." You replied in a flat tone. "She came looking for you and happened to run into me. I didn't want her to find you so I told her I saw you on a ship heading West, so she wouldn't find you on here." He looked at you, and gave you a long stare. You were actually starting to believe him. "What happened to her?" "Well she tried to get me back on her side, but I refused. She left after that." He stared at you. "I really am sorry..." "I believe you." You look at him and he smiled. "But.." His smiled faded away. "I'm still mad at you for hitting Patch." You saw his jaw flex and the name of Patch. "That's one thing I'm not apologizing for. He doesn't know how much danger he's putting you in." "Danger? What danger. Cory said the same thing." You were more interested in the story, rather then getting mad and making thing worse. "Patch hasn't told you?" He looked at you. "Told me what?" "Of course he hasn't told you." He scoffed and looked off at the books. "Told me what?" You repeated. "I can't tell you. I would if I could, but I'm not allowed to. Patch has to tell you himself." "Wait. Do you guys know each other? Because you guys talk about each other like you know each other." "I've know Patch for awhile..." He said looking back at you. You sat there staring at him making sure he wasn't joking with you. "Oh.." Is all you managed to reply. You didn't want to know anymore, you were afraid of finding out something that would change a lot of things. Sort of like when Calisto told you that they were immortal. "So are we okay?" He asked with a hopeful expression. "Yeah." You smiled at him. "Now its my turn to apologize, sorry I got mad at you with out even listening to your side of the story." You felt the stress of your shoulder roll off, and everything just felt easy again. He gave you a big smile showing his white pearly teeth. You haven't seen that smile in days and you missed it. "Wow.. Didn't know I was THIS stressed about the situation." You laughed. "I'm just glad were back to talking." He said and you swear his face looked a million times brighter then it did a few minutes ago. You made him happy, and that made you feel happy.
  7. "I missed you a lot. Even though it was only like two days." He laughed. "It actually felt like a super long time." You replied. "I know, but that's only because I wasn't with you." Your ace turned a shade of pink. It was quiet for a moment but then you heard voices. "Other people come in here?" You ask. He stood up alarmed. "No one else but you and me." and patch. "Stay here." He walked down the endless rows and disappeared. Who else would come to an abandoned library? Well never mind.. Your friend use to go to any abandoned place to make out with her boyfriend, which was weird and creepy. Minute after minutes passed by and time seemed to be slipping away. "Jake?" You whispered. Nothing. You were starting to get a bad feeling. You got up but heard footsteps coming towards you. and fast. You ran over to the side of a book shelf to hide in the shadows. You saw a figure come up. It was Jake. "Jake!" You walked out of the dark relieved it was him. Yet you still had a bad feeling about something. "______ we need to leave." He embraced you in his arms and you almost went weak to your knees. You hadn't felt his touch in what felt forever. "Whats going on?" You asked in panic. He hesitated for a minute. "Erika's here."
  8. Your heart started racing like crazy, and you went into a panic phase. "Shes what?" You yelled in a whisper. "Hide, she's coming and with a few others." You both ran back over to where you wear hiding before. The sounds of the footsteps grew louder and louder until a full figure came into view. Erika. "THAT'S Erika?" You were in awe. She had long loose strawberry blonde hair that curled down to her waist, and her eyes were an exotic lime green that flashed everywhere. She was also tall, like model tall. Of course she dressed like one, too. She was wearing a tight red dress that made her look like even more like a model. The sight of her dropped your self esteem a ton. Now you know why Jake dated her, but why dump her she's.. gorgeous. A few other walked into sight. Unfamiliar faces that you couldn't make out. They were dressed in black and blended in with the shadows. "Look for her." She snapped. They all walked in separate directions. "This way." He grabbed your hand . "No, I can do this." You turned invisible. "Oh right." He looked around in the area you were in not knowing where your eyes faced. You continued to hold his hand so he would know you were still with him. "The back door." You whispered and he nodded leading you in the direction. You dodged a couple of guys who were inches away from touching you. Luckily they hadn't seen Jake because it was so dark in the library. You both finally reach the back door and Jake turned the handle.
  9. The door was locked. "What? How? It was just unlocked yesterday!" You said in a hushed tone. "We've got to get past them." He replied. "But they'll see you." "Yeah but they don't want to kill me. You sneak past while I distract them." You didn't have much choice. It was ether that or die. He lead you to the door where Erika came through, it was open thankfully. "Go, now." Jake let go off your hand and walked out of the shadows, right into Erika's sight. "Look who it is." She gave Jake a flirty smile, which made your insides boil. "Did you come to see me?" She teased him. "I just saw all the commotion in here, whats going on?" He played the game calmly. "Were looking for my prize of course, but it look as if it came to me first." She took a step towards Jake but he backed off. "I told you she's on a ship heading west." Jake said with no emotion. "Like I would believe you? You use to work for me. You don't anymore. Besides you loved her in the her past life, who says you won't again?" She sneered. Past life? What was she talking about. "I'm free lance. That's never going to happen again. It was a mistake." You felt a sharp pain go through you. Only it was emotional pain, not physical. "Oh that's right. She broke your heart didn't she?" Erika faked a frown, and Jake flexed his law. "Don't talk about it." He said through gritted teeth. Broke his heart? They had to be talking about someone else. You just met Jake a few weeks ago. "How does it feel to have the love of your life leave you for another guy?" She let out a cold laugh and Jake's whole body tensed up. His hands were balled up into fists. Who was the girl that broke his heart? and how could Erika be so cruel about it. "Well as much fun as this is I have to go on." Before anything else could happen you snuck out the door.
  10. You ran as fast as you could all the way back to your room. You walked in and slammed the door behind you. "Hey ____." Calisto said as you walked past. "Hey." You smiled at him and walked to your room. The first thing you did was lay down on your bed. You were out of breath and stressed out ten times worse then before. She was so cruel, taunting Jake like that. The girl who broke his heart doesn't deserve a guy like Jake. Leaving him for another guy? That's the worst feeling in the world. That was a terrible thing to do to him. You let out a stressed sigh, hoping you could let go of all your problems along with it. You checked the time it was only 1. You still had three hours. You pulled out your i-Pod and listened to Marvin's Room by Conor Maynard. The songs a little sad, but his voice made your heart melt. After hitting the reply button a million times you happened to check the time and it was already 1:30. "Damn time flies by fast when I day dream." You mumble and get up. "Let the packing begin." You walked in to your giant closet and grabbed handful of clothes folding them and neatly putting them into your suitcase. You saw the floral shirt Alex had bought you when you were just arriving on the ship. Time. It seems to go by so fast. Its been almost a month since you first arrived and you met three guys who have changed your life forever. Tyler, Jake, and Patch. What would life be like if you had never meet them? Definitely not the same. Maybe it was fate coming on this cruise. You've never been big on the destiny/fate superstition stuff but now that you think of it. Look where you are. Its pretty damn believe-able now.
  11. You continued to pack up your belongings. Memories were flooding into your head the whole time. The first time you stepped into your room and instantly feel in love with it. The time at the water park with all the guys, which is where you met Rachel and Cory for the first time. The time you went to the dining hall and met Tyler for the first time. He was shy at first but he managed to ask you out on an amazing date. The time you found out Calisto and Tyler were cousins. The time you met Jake in your dream, and how he looked so gorgeous. and the most recent times like meeting Patch, and the party where you found out his name. The party where you beat up Rachel and kissed Patch for the first time. This cruise was one of the best things that you had ever experience. You met a lot of people and created many memories with them. And now you were leaving the ship. For good. It made you sad and made it almost hard to breath thinking that you would probably never experience this again. Never re-live the memories. What would happened to Jake and Patch? Oh my god. You didn't even ask them. Were they coming with you? They can't... the guys don't even know Jake is on the ship and they may be friends with Patch but they don't know much about him. You felt a million knots tie up in your stomach. What if you this was the last time you'd ever seen the both of them.
  12. After an hour and a half of drowning yourself in memories you had finished packing. You made your bed and stood at the end of it, soaking up the times in your room. The mornings each of the guys took turns waking you up. Alex kissing you in your sleep. Josh and Calisto jumping on your bed hugging you. Max playing with your hair. Tyler coming in tickling you. Even the times where Alex would sleep in your room because Josh would snore loud. Would they keep doing it? You couldn't remove the mood of sadness from you. You were never good at goodbyes. All you thought about was Jake and Patch. Would you ever see them again? It almost made you want to cry. Things wouldn't be the same with out them. With out Patch's sarcastic, smart ass comments, or Jake's sweet, quirky charm. It wasn't until you felt the cool teardrop burn against your warm check that you had realize you were tearing up.
  13. You wiped the tear away with the back of your hand. You had to get your mind off of all this sadness. You room felt a lot emptier with out all your clothes laying everywhere, or the messy bed. It was actually clean this time. You check the time, it was already 3. One more hour on the ship, and then you would get off and watch it sail away forever. No. stop thinking so negative. You still had the guys. Minus Jake and Patch. No matter what your did, nothing came up into your mind other then you having to leave the ship and two guys who you had warmed up to in less time then any one in history. You walked out of your room. "You done packing?" Alex came up to you with a pop tart hanging out of his mouth. "Yeah, and since we only have an hour left can I go say one more round of good bye?" You lied. "Don't have to ask twice angel." You walked past him and out the door.
  14. You stood outside your door not knowing where to go. The last time you saw Patch was last night when he eruptively left. You didn't even know where he lived, other then the fourth floor. and then you thought about Jake. You walked up towards to his room, wishing with all your heart that he escaped Erika's cruel taunts and made it back to his room with out a problem. You stepped into the elevator and patiently waited for it to rise. As soon as it did a few seconds after it stopped, opened its doors for you and you walked out. You walked down the hallway, the same one Jake had lead you down to his room for the first time. You walked past the doors that lead to the deck when you and Jake hung out. Where you had kissed for the first time. 2253. You had reached his door. *knock* You knocked on the door. You stood there a few minutes. Nothing. Just when all your hope was fading away the door slowly opened.
  15. You saw Jake standing there holding the door open. You smiled out of happiness and relief. You lunged yourself at him and wrapped your arms around him tightly, inhaling every moment with him. "Woah.." He seemed surprised at first but shortly after he also wrapped his arms around your waist. "I'm leaving." You whispered in his ear choking back tears. "I know." He whispered back. You pulled away. "You know I'm leaving?" You ask dumbfounded. "Yeah." He replied. "I'm leaving forever and you didn't even say good bye? I mean your lucky I even came up here or else I would of never seen you again!" You stepped back, the knot in your stomach twisting even more in pain. He laughed a little. "Uh I forgot to mention I'm going to Australia too." He rubbed the back of his neck. The knot in your stomach untwisted itself slowly. "YOUR COMING TOO?" You asked in excitement. "Yup, Cory didn't mention he lives here huh?" "No!" You jumped at him again hugging him tightly. You were so happy and relieve. "So are you like right next to us?" You asked. "No were further away you could walk there but since you and Cory are the only house on Whitsunday Island, your not visible to each other. He's offshore, by the forest and your closer to the shore. "Thank god." You whispered. "Remember the time at the ice machine? When you told me about Calisto knowing I'm on here, and all I said was oh?" "Yeah why?" You reply. "Remember what I said after you freaked out?" "No what did you say?" You ask still hugging him. "Your cute when you freak out." He whispered in your ear and gripped you tighter making the hug a lot more...meaningful. You laugh a little. "I thought you were leaving for good." "I don't think I could ever do that." He said. "I have to go back now." You tell him and let go. "See ya there." He smiled at you and watched you as you left.
  16. Before heading back you checked the time, it was 3:25. You still had some time. You were walking by a vending machine and decided to go for some chocolate since you haven't had any in forever. You walked up to it and fished in your pocket for the dollar but ended up finding a note from Patch that he gave you awhile ago, and you never read it. You unfolded the paper and read it. 'With eyes wide shut by Bless the Fall - patch'. You had no idea what it meant other then a song title and the band. You put it back in your pocket and took out the money. You feed the the dollar to the vending machine and pressed the number of the chocolate bar. The machine buzzed and the bar feel to the bottom on the machine. You inserted your hand into the bottom of the machine and ran your fingers over the chocolate bar and other object. You pulled them both out. You searched your hand and saw the chocolate bar and a ring. You studied the ring closer. It was sterling silver and it had one single diamond shaped into a heart. There were letter engraved so small into the ring that it was almost eligible. You read small letters on the ring: "your the only girl for me". Aww, who would loose a ring like this? The ring had a lot for meaning to it and the guys must of really loved her. You shoved the ring into your pocket. You walked back to the room nibbling on the chocolate.
  17. You reached your room and walked in. "___ guess what!" Max says running up to you. "What?" You reply. "We got cell phones!" Max says as he whips out a phone from his pocket. "OMG! There awesome!" You screamed, happy that you finally got a phone. "We all got different ones though." "Sweet! What does mine look like? and where did you guys get them?" You ask eagerly. "Cedric thought we'd need them to stay in touch with each other, your phone is on the table we sort of took it our of the box and put our numbers in the phone." Max points to the table. Your run over and grab it. It was an amazing touch phone,4G of course. You squealed in excitement. "Yeah tell me about it, plus we have unlimited talk, text, and web." Alex says walking into the room. "YESS! Everyone girls dream!" You laughed, and explored your phone. Your phone dinged. You got a text from Alex. "Hi angel ;)" You laughed and texted back 'go away'. Someone knocked at the door and Calisto walked over to get in. He opens the door and Cedric walks in. "Well, You really lads?" He asks. You all nod. It was time to go.
  18. You all grab your suitcases and wheel them out of the room one by one. After ten minutes of bringing your suitcases out to the guys helping you carry your bags you walked back into the room one more time. "I'm going to miss you bed." You frowned. "I'm going to miss this whole room.." Josh comes up to you and puts his arm around you. "I'm going to miss this place too. but I don't mind traveling the world as long as I know I'm with you. Oh hey, that rhymed." He made you laugh. You took one more look of the room, and said goodbye. You looked back one more time, and shut the door behind you for good.
  19. You all walked to the Ships main lobby were all the bellhops were carrying your suitcases down by the doors. You stood in your place and did a 360 absorbing every detail of the room for one last time. You were going to miss this place. It was your first cruise, and it gave you so many memories. The ship hadn't arrived yet so you went onto your phone and searched the web. You remembered the song Patch's note had. You youtubed it and listened to it. The song was so.. sad, but the words had meaning to it. You didn't know if it was his favorite song, or if he was dedicating it to you, but if he was. It made you want to cry. You didn't know if you would ever see him again. Patch would be somewhere out in the world, and you didn't even have the other paper with his number on it. You cursed at yourself for throwing it away. You missed Patch already. "Docks are here!" One of the bellhops yelled. You had arrived. The ship slowly stopped. The giant whites doors flung open and sunshine brightened the room. Families, and couples were pouring in, one by one. You grabbed you stuff and walked towards the exit. It was ripping at your heart slowly, knowing you won't see this ship again, or experience it all ever again. and especially not even getting to say goodbye to Patch. It was going to scar you forever. "C'mon." Calisto said and walked out of the doors, followed by the guys. You walked up to the doors and stopped. You turned around one last time, saying your goodbye before walking out for forever. You faced forward and walked down the ramp, taking your very first step in Australia

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