The LDShadowLady Quiz are you a true LDShadowLady Fan

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Do you know LDShadowLady she is a funky and funny girl but watch out she can a tiny tiny bit innapropriate she is a lovable girl and is in love with gaming. Do you love her?

Thanks to this quiz you can see if you are a true LDShadowLady fan. I hope you get the results you want. LDShadowLady is not that hard to get to know so I know you will be good at this quiz.

Created by: Trinity

  1. What Is LDShadowLady's cat's name?
  2. What is LDShadowLady's real name?
  3. What is LDShadowLady's boyfriends name?
  4. What are LDShadowLady's fans called?
  5. What is LDShadowLady's first video of?
  6. What is LDShadowLady's favorite song?
  7. What is LDShadowLady's hair color?
  8. What is LDShadowLady's favorite animal?
  9. What is LDShadowLadys eye color?
  10. (This has no effect on your quiz) How Did You Like This Quiz?
  11. What are LDShadowLady's videos of?

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Quiz topic: The LDShadowLady Quiz am I a true LDShadowLady Fan