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HALLA! Ok.....I got my first comment yay! so I'm giving a shout out to @Firexox.... Eyeless Jack does have some personality traits but I'm more of a Jeff the Killer fan. Also did ya know Nina and Jack hook up? just letting ya know.

Also I'm in a partnership with my friend Bookworm. She dosent have an account but she'll take care of the Marauders. Ok I'm doing a Naruto quiz and with her help I'm redoing Hogwarts Love story! keep the comments coming

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  1. Ok so who ever you spent christmas with you woke up with it being the best christmas ever. You got up and grabbed your new axe Slenderman got you.
  2. You skipped out of your room andd went to breakfast. Toby had eaten the last waffles. You scowled at him and he smiled. You were about the choke him when Slenderman called you. "Psyko! Jeff! over here now!" You walked to the loungeroom. "As you know Lazzarii had escape so you are going to find her at midnight. But be warned you might not be alone" "Kill joy"you muttered. Jeff grinned.
  3. You skipped back to your room. You stopped outside Sally's door. She was playing with dolls. She turned around and smiled. You sat down and she chucked you a doll.
  4. You played for 30mins but then there was chuckling. You turned around. It was Jack
  5. "HIYA!" You said jumping up. He grinned. "hiya" he said you blushed. "Wanna play?" Sally asked Jack shrugged and sat down next to you.
  6. About 5hrs passed and it wwas almost mignight. Sally fell asleep and you tucked her in. Jeff was waiting for you. "I'll take south you take north?" You nodded and started your root.
  7. You killed a campsite that was on your root. You turned around to walk back, but someone stepped on a twig behind you, you turned around. "Whos there?"
  8. Someone jumped behind you. The last thing you remebered was a girl with pink hair and a masked boy with a knife kicking you in the head. You blacked out
  9. You woke up. There was a camera. You turned your eyes. There was a gun to your head. "Say goodbye Slenderman!" the masked boy said. The gir.l pulled the trigger. The gun went off.
  10. You felt the blood going down your face. Your vision went hazey. You could tell they left because someone was coming towards you. There was a scream and your lights went out.

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