What name suits you best?

A name person's name can speak a great deal on their personality. It can reflect their take on life, love, and fate. It might reflect their reaction to certain events, their desires, or fears.

I've thought of the names of five people who I know, each of whom have their own distinct personality. They have amazing traits and ugly traits, all of which combine to make them unique and special people they are. Take this quiz and find out which name and personality associated with the name suits you best. You might be surprised!

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  1. A friend who you've never discussed heavy or deep issues with reveals that they have serious problems at home and that you're the only person they feel that they can confide in. Of the following, what are you most likely to reply with?
  2. Of the following, which career do you think would suite you best?
  3. Consider the following scenario: You, your best female friend, your best male friend, your love interest, and the person whom you look up to the most are in a disaster situation. This situation involves your worst fear and one of you will die. You must decide who will die. Who will you choose?
  4. You and the four people you love most are given the following two choices: 1) You can all be made immortal, have vast power and great wealth, but can never see or speak to each other again, or 2) you will all be with each other forever but will be mortal. Which do you choose?
  5. Of the following elements, which appeals to you most?
  6. Consider the following situation: You and four friends are suddenly attacked by a very dangerous, very deadly masked individual. What is the first question that comes to you?
  7. Consider the following scenario: You and four friends are trying to find a place. It is very important that you make it to the place on time. You all find out that you went to the exact opposite side of town and, by the time you go to the right place you will be far too late. Of the following, which are you most likely to do?
  8. What type of clothes are you most likely to wear?
  9. Of the following, what do you think your worst trait is?
  10. Of the following, what do you think your best trait is?
  11. Of the following, what is your worst fear?
  12. Consider the following situation: You and your friends are driving on a lonely country road when you see a single car flipped over, burning, and mangled. The driver stops the car. What is your most likely reaction?
  13. Of the following, which animal appeals to you the most?

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