Using an e-cigarette - what method suits you?

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If you are thinking about, or already are, using electronic cigarettes, what is the best way for you to use them? The results include direct dripping, cartidges, cartomizers, and juice-feeding mods.

Clean taste? No hassle? Experienced user who's tired of the traditional ways of vaping? What suits you best? Take this quiz to find out! Go to e-cigarette-forum.come to research any of these methods.

Created by: MistressNomad of Vapor Muse
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  1. Are you on a tight budget?
  2. How much do you smoke or use your e-cigarette?
  3. How important is taste to you? Are you willing to refill more to get the taste you want?
  4. Are you concerned about waste?
  5. Would you rather have refilling be easier, or have to do it less often?
  6. Do you like playing with things to make them work better?
  7. Are you experienced with e-cigarettes?
  8. Do you often vape the same flavor for long periods of time?
  9. Do you use, or plan to use, your e-cigarette like a cigarette? (Taking breaks for 10 or 15 puffs, like you would a cigarette.)
  10. If you already own an e-cigarette, does it use automatic batteries? If so, are you willing to purchase manual batteries?
  11. Are you willing to purchase a new device? Even if it doesn't look like a cigarette?

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Quiz topic: Using an e-cigarette - what method suits me?