investigates: what's the right type of hair removal for

Confused about hair removal? Worried about waxing? Sick of shaving? Oh it's a right old palaver isn't it, but we've all gotta do it. But not everyone loves every method.

Take our unique quiz to find out which method of hair removal is just right for you! Find out surprising secrets you never knew about yourself as we delve deep into your psyche with our sophisticated diagnostic techniques.

Created by: Aphrodite of
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  1. Enter my lovely. Tell your deepest darkest secrets. Are you
  2. What's your pain tolerance?
  3. What are your feelings about Twink?
  4. Would you ever do a Britney, i.e. exit your limo, legs akimbo, knicker free, knowing there were paparrazi everywhere?
  5. What do you do with your stubble during the winter?
  6. How smooth are your legs - right now. Be honest!
  7. How much mess and goo can you tolerate during your DIY beauty treatments?
  8. Who is your ideal man?
  9. Your feelings about Veet...
  10. What's your ladygarden policy?
  11. Rate your level of modesty?

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