Should you apply for a Stream Barrier Removal grant?

American Rivers, through its habitat restoration partnership with the NOAA Community-Based Restoration Program, provides funding for stream barrier removal projects benefiting diadromous fish species.

This quiz will ask you a few questions to determine whether or not you meet some of our basic eligibility criteria for the stream barrier removal grants.

Created by: Serena

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  1. Does your restoration project involve an instream barrier?
  2. Does your restoration project involve removal of a stream barrier?
  3. What kind of culvert retrofit will your project involve?
  4. Will your project benefit diadromous fish species?
  5. What region of the country is your project in?
  6. What project phase are you looking to see funded?
  7. If you are conducting a feasibility study, is barrier removal one of the options you are considering?
  8. Are downstream blockages present?
  9. What percentage of your expected budget does this request make up?
  10. Are you a federal agency?

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Quiz topic: Should I apply for a Stream Barrier Removal grant?