What E-Cigarette is Right for You?

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If you are looking to be able to "smoke" inside, cut down your cigarette use, or maybe switch completely off of tobacco, e-cigarettes might be for you. If you are under 18, or do not smoke, please don't bother with this quiz. E-cigarettes are for smokers, aged 18 and over.

What e-cigarette would fit you best? This quiz will determine the best e-cigarette for you, choosing from the Kr808D-1, the Joye 510, the eGo, and mods. If you get "mods" as your result, please make sure you educate yourself about proper battery usage. For more information about any of these models or types, go to e-cigarette-forum.com and have a look around!

Created by: MistressNomad of Vapor Muse
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  1. What kind of budget are you on for a kit?
  2. What's more important? Small size, or great battery life?
  3. Are you willing to spend more now, to save a bit on extra parts later?
  4. What's more important to you? A hard hit, or lots of vapor?
  5. Do you like fiddling with things? Does having something to "toy" with appeal to you?
  6. How much of a beating is your e-cig likely to take?
  7. How much do you smoke?
  8. Do you know much about batteries, electrics, or mechanics?
  9. Would you rather go longer without having to refill your e-cigarette, or save a bit and have to refill more often?
  10. And finally, do you already use e-cigarettes, or is this your first time?

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