How much do you know about yourself?

She said, "Spell 'ant' ", and I wrote out the entire alphabet. She said, "That doesn't spell 'ant' ", and I said, "It's in there somewhere! There's the A, there's the N, there's the T – the rest are silent!"

Racist people, interestingly, are never as polite as smokers. Have you noticed that? Smokers always go, "Do you mind if I smoke? Oh, you do? Okay, I'll go outside and have a cigarette." Racist people never go, "Do you mind if I'm racist? Oh, I'll go outside ... f---ing blue people, eh? Coming here, steal our hamsters ..."Homo Sapient

Created by: Shaun paul

  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. What kind of chips do you like more?
  3. What kind of chips do you like more?
  4. If givin the choice of pie to eat would it be?
  5. What kind of soda pop do you crave most?
  6. If your at a party and all they had to drink was_______ what would you pick?
  7. Who is your favorite super hero?
  8. What is your shoe size
  9. What series to do you like more?
  10. What is you all time. Favourite animated movie?
  11. On a recent quiz what color was your soul?
  12. Do you like the quizzes?
  13. Oh no if you. Made it to this question your break is over!!

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Quiz topic: How much do you know about myself?