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I love working at Onetouch Direct. I've been the number 1 supervisor going on 4 months now. Morris, Corvin, and Aron try but they will never be on top because they aren't the ever infamous freckled face red hair girl...

Are you a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for the prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder but thanks to this super awesome Jolly quiz you will find out fo sho!

Created by: FuriousIce

  1. Of the following genres of music which does Sara most prefer?
  2. Of the following names which is the name of one of Sara's cats?
  3. What is Sara's maiden name?
  4. What is Sara's favorite color?
  5. Which horoscope sign correlates with Sara's birth month?
  6. If Sara could be a mythical creature which would she be?
  7. How many times has Sara been married?
  8. What is Sara's favorite adult beverage?
  9. When Sara was 8 years old she was bit by one of the following creatures...
  10. Sara loves food. Out of the following dishes which is her favorite?
  11. Sara stayed in which country for the summer of her 18th birthday year?
  12. What is Sara's favorite classic game of all time?
  13. What is Sara's favorite place to eat in the Tampa Bay area?
  14. Of the following numbers which would Sara pick?
  15. Sara's favorite book is?
  16. If Sara had to pick how she died it would by what cause?
  17. Of all of the following members of management who is her favorite?
  18. Why does Sara hate Fridays at work?

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