LOL-Love On Limbo Part 3

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Matt: Curly, light brown hair, glasses that aren't freaky/nerdy, brown eyes| Brandon: Shaggy dirty blonde hai r, blue eyes | Joey: Buzzcut black hair, dark brown (nearly black) eyes | Stalker Boy: Shaggy dark brown hair, green eyes

In one of the last questions, I have a little contest. The character you create can be a friend or a villain, or completely random. However, it is only valid for one quiz. If there is a quiz out that has a higher number than this, post your character on the highest one.

Created by: Ann Onymous

  1. Thanks for all your help and nice comments! To PuffBall, CodySimpsonLuv, Faith, and Firey_Soul, thank you! I will try to incorporate your ideas into my story! I'm just glad this is out. The next one probably won't come out for another week or so. Please don't attack my computer with tomatoes!
  2. Recap: Matt asked you to go with him on a date in the park at eight.
  3. *Fast Forward To 7:30 P.M., Your House* You are frantic. So Matt's had a crush on you all along! Running around your room, you finally decide on what to wear:
  4. *Fast Forward To Date* When you arrived at the park earlier that evening, Matt was stunned. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head! He seemed to get used to you, though. He tells you Brandon's story as you share a candle-lit dinner of (insert favorite food).
  5. "Brandon and I have known each other since kindergarten." Matt begins. "Two years ago, in 7th grade, he dated a girl named Cassidy. She dumped him hecause she thought she was too good for him." You gasp.
  6. Matt nods and continues. "From what I can gather, Brandon pretty much only acts like a jerk to keep himself from being damaged again. Although, I don't think you would do that to any guy you come across. *wink, wink* I should take you home now." He drives you home in his navy blue Camaro. "Goodnight, _______." he says. He gives you a kiss goodnight, but then you see the same boy from your date with Joey!
  7. The stalker boy has shaggy, dark brown hair and green eyes. He notices you're looking at him, and takes off running. You go inside and go straight to bed, and Matt drives away.
  8. The next morning, you wake up and throw on whatever you feel like. The day seems to drag on forever until kunch, and all you can think of is that stalker boy from last night. When it's finally lunch, you're walking to your usual table when you hear someone call your name. "Hi, _______!" You look over, and it's Joey. "Hi, Joey! You'll never guess who I saw last night-that guy who snuck uo behind me on our date!" Joey's eyes widen, and before you can stop yourself, you blurt out what the boy looked like. Only a second later, all the girls in your group are there, plus some of the "popular" crowd, blasting music on their iPods.
  9. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry it was in a bad place, but I needed to put in two announcements! First is a contest, second is a little wish of mine. If you haven't already, go back and read the top or you'll be very confused!
  10. Contest--- Hi! As you may know, I am Ann Onymous, (BTW, that isn't my real name!) creator of the LOL-Love On Limbo series. I will be having a little contest for one LUCKY winner! Winner gets to have one character put into the story, friendly or enemy. All you have to do is tell me what kind of character you want, their name and their personality. I will choose the winner! This will be on every quiz from now on, but the character will ony be on the next quiz up. Got it? Then read on!
  11. My Little Wish--- Well, you probably don't know this, but my bithday is on March 14, and I really, REALLY want the first quiz in this series to get on the featured quizzes list! You can tell people to take it on your quizzes, the 7 Minutes In Heaven quizzes, (I hear they're popular) or the quizzes on the featured list! PLEASE TRY!
  12. Oh yeah, almost forgot! Who do you like?

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