The itsfunneh quiz :)

I know you can be a genius, everyone can do you have the magic of getting 100% on the funneh quiz and I believe in you. Continue your brain. Leave the dumbness behind you.

Do you think you are a funneh fan. Only real ones know the awsners they watch every video that funneh makes. Be proud of doing this quiz. Let lose and flap your wings

Created by: Celena of The itsfunneh quiz
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  1. Is the krew funnehs siblings?
  2. Does funneh have a daycare series?
  3. Does funneh have kids
  4. Does funneh have over 19 m subscribe s?
  5. Does funneh have a different channel?
  6. Have funneh ever done a face reveal?
  7. Has funneh ever done a series of mincraft skyblock
  8. In mincraft camping 1 who didn't go camping with funneh and the others?
  9. What was funneh planning to do when she reaches 1m subs?
  10. Does everyone have a channel in the krew?
  11. Is yandere high her first series?
  12. How many episodes does funneh do a day?
  13. Who go's to work mostly in the krew

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