How well do you know ItsFunneh

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This is the Funneh quiz take it and see your result to see if your a funneh fan I hope you enjoy this is all about funneh and the krew I hope you do good

Please don't cheat on every question those are the rules the most important rule of all is to have fun and enjoy :D I hope your a fan fam like I am enjoyy

Created by: Carlin
  1. What is Funneh`s nickname?
  2. In ItsFunneh draw my life who did she say was the youngest
  3. What was Its Funneh first video
  4. Has funneh done a face reveal?
  5. What was something new that funneh played
  6. How many channels does Funneh have?
  7. Where is Funneh from
  8. What is funneh`s favorite pizza
  9. What's funneh favorite color (#easy)
  10. How much hello neighbor episode are there (No cheating)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ItsFunneh