Which Krew Member Are You?

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Welcome to the "Which Krew Member Are You?" quiz! This quiz is for Krew Fam only, so if you don't know Funneh and The Krew, go watch their videos RIGHT NOW!!! Ok, you might want to know a bit about them first, fine by me. They are five legendary hoomans who make hilarious gaming videos, live streams, and sometimes vlogs! Ok, now that it's only Krew fans, here's what this quiz is all about!!!

Are you carefree like Rainbow, bold like Gold, funny like Funneh, mischievous like Lunar, or crazy like Draco? Find out here in the "Which Krew Member Are You?" quiz! There are 10 questions here that will determine which member of the Krew you relate most too! Good luck and have fun!

Created by: Paige
  1. Let's start off simple. Which colour out of these do you prefer?
  2. I know this doesn't really matter, but here we go anyways. Which date is closest to your birthday?
  3. Now we really get into the quiz! Which words describe you the best?
  4. Here's a unique question! If you were famous, why would you be famous?
  5. This might be hard, but if you HAD to pick, who's your favourite Krew member?
  6. Ok, this is the saddest question in the test, but I need it in here. If one of the Krew members HAD to leave the Krew and you got to choose which one left, who would you choose?
  7. NO! DON'T BE SAD, IT'S NOT REAL!!! Ok, now that you're back to reality, here's a funny question to get your spirits up! WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE CHIP FLAVOUR!!! CHIP WARS FOREVA!!!
  8. The funny things they say make the Krew awesome! What's your fav famous funny quote from them? (Out of these options)
  9. Did you know birth order affects your personality?! Which child are you in your family?
  10. Another unique question! Way to end on a positive note! Pick an animal:

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