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  • This quiz totally stinks and I hate it!!!! They spit in my face,that is very offensive. Curse the person who created this horrible quiz.

  • Your Result: Extremely Insane

    You are awesome. We honor you! You OWN the land of insanity and mental hospitals! Everyone in the land of mental hospitals will praise you for your insanity! Good luck on spitting at boring people!

    Yeah! I always knew I had lost lost my marbles! (Well actually, I've never had any to start with) Goodbye my doorknob! PPPPPPSSSSHHHHEEEEE WWWWWW!!!! I'm shooting you with my lazer! DO NOT FIRE UNTIL YOU ARE FIRED UPON AND YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THIER EYES! YESSIR, CHHETO! *spits at boring person*

  • Your Result: So Boring We Died

    You Made us die. I can't even look at you! Thanx alot you made the world die with your boring eyes! Not just your eyes your whole soul down to the core! Even your clothes disgust me! I spit on you! (PAATOOO) That was a spit....

    Really?!! You call me boring!!! Well, i guess i could be..

  • i am extremely insane but i will never spit on boring people that would mean i would have to spit on my cosine

  • So accurate! I got extremly insane! OMG its a hobbit riding on the Balrog! RUN! Ahhhhh!

    Legolas Lover
  • teehee I'm extremely insane. I like TACOS!!! oohh and ORANGES. AND HHAAAAMMMPPPSSSTTTE EEERRRSSS!!! actually I don't like hampsters they make me sneeze.....can I have the puppy dog? I'm listening to some awesome music right now. bye HAM

  • Look you can't insult me this is abusive. I really hate this quiz. You said I am disgusting you know what this quiz is the disgusting!!!!!!!!!

    Ahlam Moon
  • EXTREMELY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

  • D': I got boring...
    I'm going to go cry in a corner!!!

  • This quiz is like SOOOO stupid!!!!!!!! It's a freakin' cracker jack!... and that's NOT all!!!>=(!!! so Rrrrrr!!!!!


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