BE SMART!!!! please have fun with my quiz me I myself made it and play be genius. happy days funfun enjoy quiz NOW! sorry about that i have to put in more letters yay done

are YOU a genius more letters need more letters fill in the blanks hurry up have to hurry more characters 45 more to go 29 more to go 16 more to go. DONE!

Created by: matthew

  1. what is 3x3
  2. a plane is going to crash a the smartest guy in the world (AKA Bill Gates) is on it and he has to jump. what does he take
  3. sir Jon is going to fight a knight he has to choose a thing with a handle and a sharp thing on the end. what does he take
  4. where is Paris
  5. what is a soprano
  6. witch president is not on mount Rushmore
  7. what is a turbish
  8. how many times can a person fold paper
  9. what contry speaks latin
  10. on guitar which chord is real

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