The smarticle test

This quiz is a test that will grade you on how smart you are. It will have riddles, questions, really wierd questions, and ask you about your social life. you can see what this test rates you and then compare it to your life.

So do you think you have what i takes to be either a nerd, intellegent, average, stupid, or idiot. take this test and find out. see what others rate you compared to how you rate yourself.

Created by: Connor

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is/was your best grade 6th grade?
  2. how many birds are in your house
  3. you are on the computer right now
  4. what is 2,000 X Pi R squared if the radius is 12
  5. if a wild dingo is in the park at 5:00 who is in the tree
  6. i dont know
  7. What does a poor man have a rich man needs and a zombie eats
  8. how may questions have i asked multiplied by 15 divided by five?
  9. do u have any friends
  10. bark

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