Are you my buddie?

Ever wonder how much you know animalmable? I have many friends but all my true ones will ACE this quiz TO A T! Many of my friends will understand my needs, respect my opinion, not flame me, and like me for who I am. If you're my true friend, we're gonna figure out right now, Mr. Smarticle Pants!

Are YOU my BFF? Are you my Friend? Or my Enemy? Let's figure out now, shall we? This quiz kinda depends on what you like and what you choose to do. At the end, we'll figure out how you're like me and what your relationship is to me. Now, without further ado, Mr. Smarticle Pants, Click that GO button and le's G-O GO!

Created by: animalmable

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  1. You trun on your TV. What do you feel like watching right now?
  2. You go to the refridgerator to get a drink - Mario Kart Wii is thirsty work! What do you reach for?
  3. Who do you invite to your birthday?
  4. Your brother calls you a name after you accidently break his toy. What toy did you break?
  5. Your mom invites you to go to the mall with her. What stores do you plan on hitting?
  6. You go into your room to clean up a bit for the party later on. What's in your room?
  7. Your grandma asks you what you want for your birthday. What DO you want?
  8. It's a Saturday night and your friends are over for a sleepover. What movie are you guys gonna watch?
  9. Who should've won American Idol?
  10. What kind of ice cream are you having on your B-Day?

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Quiz topic: Am I my buddie?