The Hunger Games Part 1

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? I know I am! If you are, then take this quiz. The Games are a brutal bloody mess between 24 teens each from 1 of the 12 districts. Only 1 comes out alive...

The Hunger Games... bloody and brutal. I wouldn't want to be there. This quiz is from the perspective of Kayla(Katniss). If you relly love the hunger games, then take this!

Created by: emmy300
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  1. It's early in the morning, and a terrible scream comes from Patty, your little sister. She is huddled up in her bed freaking out and sweating. It's another nightmare about being picked for The Hunger Games. You go in her room and decide to calm little Patty down.
  2. "Your not gonna get picked for the Games." You say. "You don't know that. Even you can get picked, Kayla! What would I do then!" Patty yells. "Shhh. Calm down. You're name's only been in there once their not gonna pick you." "You promise?" Patty asks. "Yes, I promise. Now, I have to go."
  3. You head out for the woods to hunt for food. It's illeagal to hunt in the district, so you have to be quick about it. You swiftly climb over the metal fence and head for the forest. You grab your bow and arrows and walk up on a deer. You draw back and BAM, you got it. You cut up the meat and start heading back home. Meanwhile, you have a visitor.
  4. A boy with brown hair and brown eyes blocks your way. He's not bad looking. "Who are you?" I ask loading my bow in case anything happens. "Greyson. Don't worry. I'm not gonna high jack you or anything like the stupid capitol." He says laughing. "You have the same feelings for the capitol. And it looks like you hunt." I say noticing his bow in one hand and a dead bird in another. "Yes, I do. You're gonna bring home that deer." "I'm thinking about selling it for some money, or perhaps some food." I say. "It's so close to reaping day. You shouldn't be selling dead deer. If a peacekeeper finds out, you'd be dead in a second." "yeah, I guess you're right. I'll just bring it home for mother and Patty. I better get going. Nice meeting you Greyson." I say. "And you too, Katniss." "It's Kayla, not Katniss." I say correcting the boy. "I know. You're strong like the Katniss plant though. The name suits you." "Alright thanks, Gale."
  5. You come home to your little sister playing with the cat and your mother crying in her room. Ever since her husband died, she's been a nervous wreck. Why can't she just forget about it like Patty and you have? Oh well, wyou have dinner to eat. You call everyone to the table and divide the deer meat up equally. When you're all done, you take a bath, get in your night clothes, then fall asleep. Tomorrow is reaping day. Nightmares about the day buzz around in your head. When you wake up, you can feel yourself sweating from the awful nightmares. You promised yourself you wouldn't cry or get scared. You push the nightmares to the side and get dressed to go hunting. Another hunting day with success. You end up bringing three squirels home to your family. You three eat up and then get ready, get ready for the reaping.
  6. You are forced into your reaping clothes, a pale blue dress and leather shoes. Mother does my hair up into a pretty braided bun which makes me look prettier, not like myself. Prim's skirt is a little big for her, making her look like a little duck with her little "tail" popping out. "Tuack your tail in, little duck." I say trying to lighten up the spirit. "Quack!" She says. I tuck it in for her and sit down beside her while mother changes into her clothes. "I'm scared, Kayla. What if they pick me or you." She says with tears in her eyes. "They're not gonna pick you, or me. And if they do, we'll still be sisters forever." "I don't wanna go to reaping, why can't we just skip it?" "It's against the law, Patty. We'll probably get killed anyways."' I say tucking in her loose hairs behind her ears. Your mother is at the door waiting for the two of you. You grab Patty's hand and walk out of the house and into the square. Reaping is coming. Coming very soon.
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