Do you know your Hunger Games???

Many people on this planet have read many books, and lots have read Suzanne Collins' epic trilogy The Hunger Games! This quiz helps the Hunger Games whizzes prove them selves worthy!

Are YOU one of those awesome whizzes? Even if you havent read the books, this is and AWESOMELY FUN quiz for you and you friends to try out (and hopefully like!)!

Created by: may the odds
  1. What is the gift Prim gives to Katniss on the day of the Reaping?
  2. What are the districts of the original career tributes?
  3. In the second book, what is the name of Finnick's girl friend?
  4. What is the name of Peeta's stylist?
  5. What is Katniss' weapon of choice?
  6. what is Thresh's weapon of choice
  7. What is the color of Fox-Faces hair?
  8. What is Katniss' brother's name?
  9. What did Rue do to keep her hands warm?
  10. Final question: who wrote the series?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Hunger Games???