The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

I enjoy this movie and I hope you enjoy my quiz it was a joy making it for everyone movies are awesome I made this quiz at like eleven at night so please forgive me.

Hi I hope you are interested in taking my quiz. And if your not, go take another one I don't want rude comments for no absolute reason so I thank you all for your kindness.

Created by: Sammy :)
  1. What is the worst crime in ''The Court of Miracles?
  2. Who kept Quasimodo and raised him as his ''son''
  3. What is NOT a name of one of the gargoyles?
  4. What color are Quasimodo's eyes?
  5. Who is Captain of the Guards?
  6. How old is Quasimodo?
  7. Phoebus is probably how old?
  8. How old is Esmeralda
  9. What is the one thing the people in the cathedral do NOT ask for?
  10. Where does this movie take place and what company is it by?

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