The Hardest Quiz You Will Ever Take: By Johansen Festus

You think that you are smart, champ. Well I think that I'll be the judge of that. I am pretty smart so try to answer some of the questions that I came up with.

I, Johansen Festus, will be the judge of your geniusness, or if you drool in a bucket. Well, you might not be dumb, but you might not be as smart as me.

Created by: Johansen
  1. What is a Supereon?
  2. What is the name of the second Supereon?
  3. What was the first geological time period of Earth?
  4. What South American country is the city Rio de Janeiro located?
  5. What is a Leopluridon?
  6. What is a Leopluridon classified as?
  7. What is the new name for the country of Siam?
  8. 6(5*7) + 3 to the power of 2
  9. How did the name Shane become famous?
  10. Who played Andy on According to Jim

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