The GTQ Apocalypse

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Sometimes we all need to change our habits that we have gotten used to. We need to stir up some chaos and create complete pandemonium. This site has already done the job for us.

We all have something we detest in life. It can really torment us throughout a whole lifetime. With help, it can be controlled. The only negative is that it can pop up again.

Created by: 1 Twilight Fan

  1. Surely, you have heard that GTQ will come to an end in oh, 2016?
  2. And this carries us way back to Thursday, October 8th, 2015. Forums start glitching, you get error pages saying that your login account was not found...
  3. That lasted for approximately 3 days. What did you do in the meantime?
  4. You could be on for a few minutes and then it would glitch. Did you give up?
  5. But GTQ is back. For now. What will you do if it IS the GTQ Apocalypse?
  6. I tried to rate a quiz on one of those days where GTQ was all wonky. It said "FATAL ERROR" when I clicked on a star.
  7. There were lots of good memories in GTQ.
  8. Sadly, these errors can come back again. But this time, TWICE the trouble.
  9. This isn't a joke. Whether 2016 will be the end of GTQ or not, it will die someday. Are you ready to give up the site of your sites?
  10. Spend quality time with your GTQ family. Maybe ask for their e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, etc as a just-in-case. The more time with them, the better. You never know. It's best to leave GTQ in as much peace and quiet as possible...
  11. So here's the scoop of what had happened: You could not be on the site for long and sometimes, if you tried to post and comment on a thread, you wouldn't be recognized and you'd be asked for your account name and password and you would be denied. The forums were all wonky and things would not load. If you tried to get onto your account, it would say that that was an error and that it could not be found. Some quizzes wouldn't allow you to comment or rate. You could be on for minutes as yourself but then out of the blue, you would either be kicked out or you would not be recognized at all and you wouldn't be able to get back on as much as you wanted to/tried.

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