Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Everyone has thought about what their lives would be like if the Zombie Apocalypse happened. Would they make it to the other side and re-populate the earth? Who can say?

Well, no one can tell for sure, but I've been plotting how I would outlast the Apocalypse and compiled this quiz based on what I think would make a great survivor. This is my first quiz ever so feedback is always appreciated so I can improve on it!

Created by: RuneMaster
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  1. What is your primary weapon of choice?
  2. What is your secondary weapon of choice?
  3. You are alone in the street with no weapons. Zombies are coming at you from all angles. Do you:
  4. You're sleeping soundly when suddenly a cold dead hand grabs you. Do you:
  5. Your closest friend has been bitten and is turning into a zombie. Do you:
  6. Your last line of defense has failed and you're hopelessly outnumbered. Do you:
  7. In terms of strength, you are:
  8. Your favourite weapon is almost out of juice. Would you:
  9. What sort of games do you play?
  10. Have you handled weapons before?
  11. Lastly, would you find the Zombie Apocalypse fun?

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