Zombie apocalypse

Some people really think they can survive but they really dont have the skills to survive in the world of zombies. What is a zombie? A zombie is an undead corpse thats walks the world craving flesh.

Are you a survivalist? Do you have the skills to survive a zombie apocalypse? Well now you are going to test your knowledge on this test if you pass you can survive.

Created by: Chiefkeef
  1. If the news come on and says there a zombie break out all across the globe what would you do.
  2. What kind of melee weapon would you choose.
  3. Which car is your best choice of action.
  4. How many friends will u allow with you.
  5. What kind of place would u live in.
  6. how do you kill a zombie.
  7. If your mom get bitten by a zombie what would you do.
  8. What gun would you use.
  9. How long can you run.
  10. If you are surrounded by a horde of zombies and no bullets what would you do.

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