The Gross Application Form Quiz

There are few people who manage to get extraordinarily high marks in this quiz. Mostly because you have to be an idiot to pass it. Idiots must be the best people on this planet. They give the swots something to laugh about because they are always teased for example!

Are you a COMPLETE IDIOT? Its your chance to find out. Ever wondered if you are thick as your friends say you are? Well find out with this! Ever wondered... nevermind. You get the picture. With this quiz we give you the chance to find out if you are stupid enough to join my club.

Created by: Madster_Jojo of GROSS
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  1. What would you rather do to a boy:
  2. How long do you intend to be in the club GROSS? ( O.f S.limy boy.S.)
  3. Here is four bits of the code- A=C, B=D, C=E, D=F- What would Y and Z equal?
  4. How would YOU have the theme tune start?
  5. What nickname if the funniest here to you?
  6. If you have any sense can you remember what GROSS stands for?
  7. Where is the club room?
  8. What information is on your pass to get into the club room?
  9. What is the club alert code?
  10. What is the club alert code?

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