The Great H&M-quiz

I'd liked to see, what the average shopper knows about H&M. Is he informed about the shop? Does he only knows the clothes sold in H&M? Let's find out!

Who thinks he knows everything about H&M, and not just their prices in salesperiod? Who thinks he knows more about H&M than the average person in the street?

Created by: Dieter
  1. How many employees does H&M got?
  2. In which country was the First H&M opened?
  3. What things can you buy at the online shop, in the cosmetics-section?
  4. What colour is the brandlogo from H&M?
  5. Who is the head of media relations?
  6. How many stores of H&M can be found in Luxembourg?
  7. From which age can you find clothes in H&M?
  8. What does H&M stand for?
  9. What is the maximum amount of money, to be put in a gift card?
  10. In how many countries can you find H&M?

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