The Gravity Falls Test

Gravity Falls is a show about two twins who are sent to live and work on a tourist trap with their great uncle Stan. Dipper, the boy, discovers a book and that the town is more mysterious than it seems.

How much do you know about the show? Are you just randomly stumbling apon this with no clue about it, or are you pumped to prove you know everything?

Created by: Quiz Owl
  1. What state is Gravity Falls located in?
  2. What is the origin of Dipper's name?
  3. What is Mabel's trademark?
  4. Who is Bill?
  5. What is the name of Mabel's pig?
  6. What number does Dipper have on his book?
  7. Stan runs what tourist trap?
  8. Who murdered Wax Stan?
  9. Dipper speculated Mabel's first boyfriend was a zombie. Who was it really?
  10. Who is Wendy?
  11. Who founded Gravity Falls?
  12. Who created the series?

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