How Well Do You Know Gravity Falls?

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How well do you know Gravity Falls? Are you a real fan? Test your knowledge on this easy quiz. Gravity Falls=Alex Hirsch and Disney, Quiz=iDreamBig and GoToQuiz. Com.

See if you know foods of Gravity Falls, who founded the town and more! And remember, anything less than a 100% is considered failing. So try your best!

Created by: iDreamBig
  1. Where do Mabel and Dipper live?
  2. Who founded the town of Gravity Falls?
  3. Which of the following describes one of Mabel's sweaters?
  4. Who has the 2nd book?
  5. What color hair does Soos have?
  6. Is the Gobblewonker real?
  7. Which of the following do Gnomes puke?
  8. Which of the following used to be legal to marry in Gravity falls?
  9. In what episode do Wendy and Robbie break up?
  10. Which one of these foods aren't shown in Gravity Falls?
  11. What is the name of the theme song?
  12. In Tourist Trapped, what does Mabel choose from the gift shop?
  13. What main color is Wendy's shirt?
  14. What happens to the Gremloblin when water is poured on it?

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