How much do you know Gravity Falls

There are many Gravity falls fans. But there are hardly any ULTRA-MEGA-FANS! Are you a gravity falls know it all or a gravity falls shlump?? Find out with my quiz!

Personally i think of myself as an ULTRA-MEGA-FAN. And i love gravity falls and i hope you do to. I really hope you enjoy my quiz :) :) My quiz is all about GRAVITY FALLS! ENJOY!!

Created by: Godess101
  1. How are Dipper and Mabel related?
  2. What is Wendy's last name?
  3. Want color is Mabel and Dipper's eye color?
  4. What state are Mabel and Dipper living in for the summer?
  5. Who is older?
  6. How much older?
  7. What is the name of Mabel's pet pig?
  8. Who are Mabel's best friends?
  9. Who dose dipper have a crush on?
  10. What is the boy band in episode 17?
  11. Mabel's "boyfriend" in episode 1 is really a....
  12. How much do you like gravity falls????

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Gravity Falls